The New Rapptr Dashboard

Posted by Andrew White on 25 Oct 2011


For the upcoming release we have a snazzy new user dashboard(which is the first screen after logging in).

In it you can see:

  • An overview of today's results
  • Your to-do list
  • Any Regulatory updates
  • An overview of the last month in a cool interactive graph

Added to this Rapptr has an inbuilt messaging system, so that any issue which you should probably be aware of is brought to your attention via e-mail.

For example whenever the ex-post check is run for a fund you will receive an email saying that the fund was checked, how many breaches were detected and how many were new:


 Email notification

 Email notification about required disclosure


By clicking on the link you are logged into Rapptr and can drill down into the results.

All in all we think it's a great step forward.

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