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Shareholding Disclosure Webinar with Thomson Reuters and Credit Suisse

FundApps took part in a webinar discussing Shareholding Disclosure, hosted by Thomson Reuters. Topics included disclosure requirements, manual vs automated processes and common pitfalls in the industry. Read More

Topics: Disclosure

From the Content Team: The Impact of Multi-level Derivatives on Shareholding Disclosure

Multi-level derivatives can quickly become the undoing of even the most capable compliance team, due to their extremely complex and intricate nature. Read More

Topics: Disclosure, td2, derivatives

From The Content Team: The ‘Florange Law’ and Double Voting Rights

In early 2014 the French government brought into force ‘The Florange Act’, with its biggest impact being on the ‘one share is equal to one vote’ principle. Read More

Topics: Disclosure, France, Europe, From The Content Team, Double Voting Rights

From The Content Team: Home Member State

We explain and define the 'home member state’ concept when applying EU Short Selling regulation, and explain how FundApps' Rapptr can streamline the process. Read More

Topics: Disclosure, Short Selling, Europe, From The Content Team

Sacré bleu! Best Practices for French and Belgian Issuer Limits

Issuer Limits for France and Belgium can be terribly difficult to manage, FundApps can help automate this. Read More

Topics: Disclosure, Crowdsourcing Data, Issuer Limits, France, Belgium

TD2 - 3 Months in, What is Going on?

What is happening with TD2? Check out the infographic to find out Read More

Topics: Disclosure, Transparency Directive

Transparency Directive Amendment - a look into sanctions, reporting, and requirements for being exempt

The Financial Conduct Authority and Her Majesty’s Treasury have made some significant changes in its draft of the implementation of the Transparency Directive Amended Directive (Directive 2013/50/EU, which amends 2004/109/EU). In part 1 of our blog series about the Transparency Directive, we focused on the global changes to the Directive, in particular the adjustments prescribed for the financial instruments captured, aggregation methods, and calculations on the percentage of holdings. Read More

Topics: Disclosure, Industry News, Transparency Directive, FTC

Rapptr shareholding disclosure covers 80 jurisdictions

Rapptr shareholding disclosure covers 80 jurisdictions Read More

Topics: Disclosure, FundApps News

Automating Disclosures: Form 13F & 13G

Automating Disclosures: Form 13F & 13G Read More

Topics: Disclosure, Major Shareholding

Automated rule testing in 2013

Automated rule testing in 2013 Read More

Topics: Disclosure

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