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    FundApper Profile - Tyrene Soler

    What do you get when you mix a sales leader, weightlifter, dog mum and globetrotter? We weren’t sure it existed either until we met Tyrene! We sat down with Tyrene recently to hear more about her role as our EMEA sales leader, her motivation to be constantly raising the bar and getting sh*t done, and some pretty questionable music taste!

    by Pat Caldwell Apr 8, 2020 Read More

    Is That It?!

    Paradoxically, agile has become so popular that it has both unlimited and no meaning simultaneously. Here we use the term to explain what we mean about agile delivery and how FundApps works together with clients to make compliance simple.

    by Jonny Bradshaw Apr 3, 2020 Read More

    FundApper Profile - Jessica Tjung

    Sales Manager by day, marathon runner by night, Jessica joined us in 2019 in our brand new Singapore office to lead our sales expansion into the APAC region. We sat down with Jessica recently to hear more about her role, what she’s working on and understand why on earth she would would want THAT song on repeat in the office all day.

    by Pat Caldwell Mar 17, 2020 Read More

    LGBT+ History Month

    February is LGBT+ History Month in the UK. This year one of the themes across the UK is ‘What we have learned’. It hits home for Pat Caldwell, Head of People at FundApps, as he reflects on almost a decade in HR roles where he spent 70% of his career actively hiding his sexuality at work. 

    by Pat Caldwell Feb 5, 2020 Read More