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FundApper Profile - Amber Adam

Posted by Liam Driscoll on Mar 24, 2022

Solutions Engineer - New York Office

Amber was born and raised in Queens, New York and comes from a big Puerto Rican and Haitian family. She’s lived in both Brooklyn and Manhattan in the last few years, but found herself quickly back in her home borough - there’s just something about Queens! She started her career at Bloomberg, where she spent almost 5 years in roles across different sides of the business, transitioning from their KYC start up to their sell-side OMS.

Give us some insight into what you do at FundApps? 

I am a pre-sales solutions engineer supporting our sales team. My role is to help provide prospects with as much insight into how our product would best fit their needs - either through demos, scenario deep-dives, filling out their RFPs, or working on our internal and external learning materials.

What are you working on at the moment?

One of my bigger goals for Q1 of 2022 was to create my very first FundApps Academy course, and since my role will be supporting primarily the US sales team it felt fitting to do a course on one of the most well known US regulations - 13F! I’ve spent the majority of my time in the last two months working to perfect the course - and hope to have it up and ready for enrollments by the end of March! Aside from that, I have also been supporting our marketing and customer success teams, helping marketing with content collection/planning and helping CS with an upcoming implementation.

What are some of the most unique things about your team that make it special?

Something VERY unique about the pre-sales team here at FundApps, is that it’s just made up of two people! I feel really lucky to have joined when I did, and to have the opportunity to work so closely with one of the OG FundAppers - Ebbe Filt 🙂. Since I am based in NYC, and he is in Copenhagen we’ve really taken advantage of the time difference when handing things off to each other at the end of the day and it’s really helped us #GSD! Because our team is as small as it is, we also get a lot of exposure to parts of the business other than sales, and get to work closely with our product, regulatory content, customer success, and marketing teams as well. 

What advice would you give someone interested in applying to a role at FundApps?

Get your hands dirty (metaphorically). Be curious. Be genuine. Be open to learning and most of all be ready to #GSD! 

What’s your favorite FundApps value and why?

My favorite FundApps value has to be #DoMoreWithLess, because I think it can apply to an extent in almost any scenario (I also try to be as minimalistic as I can in my personal life - so I may be biased!). Whether you find yourself getting overwhelmed with a situation when there is too much going on, or too many people working on one project at the same time, or too many unnecessary hoops to jump through in order to #GSD, less is always more. By the amount of times I’ve mentioned G(-ing)SD, I would say that’s my second favorite unofficial FundApps value! 

You’re a New York native and the office foodie - drop us your favorite restaurant.

I can never pick just one! Some of my go-to places are Top Quality, Taverna Kyclades, Tabare, Sofreh and Pil Pil (in no particular order). 

Having lived in both, give us your elevator pitch for Manhattan and Brooklyn.

I lived in Williamsburg and on the Upper East for just about the same amount of time. Williamsburg is GREAT if you are a foodie, don’t want to travel too far for a night out, like to be walking distance to everything you might need, and don’t mind not being as well connected to the rest of the city. 

The Upper East Side is great if you want to be well connected to the rest of the city, don’t care too much about being in the center of the action, and want to spend less $$$ on rent.

Most recent travel destination, next travel destination, and dream location?

I just got back from ~2 weeks in South Africa - which was amazing. Next up for me is Costa Rica, and my dream location would be between Kenya, Tanzania, or Egypt. 


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