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    FundApper Profile - Liam Driscoll

    An avid golfer, wannabe chef and proponent of trying new things, Liam joined our New York office as a Sales Associate in August 2019. We recently sat down with him to learn more about life at FundApps, his HOF worthy shooting percentage and why we should stay on his good side!

    by Pat Caldwell Nov 1, 2019 Read More

    FundApper Profile - Flavia Circiumaru

    Originally hailing from Zimnicea, the southernmost town of Romania, Flavia was attracted to the amazing sunshine of London and joined us in August on our Software Engineering Internship program before quickly landing a permanent gig at FundApps. We sat down recently with her to learn more about her, her role and her thoughts on FundApps.

    by Pat Caldwell Sep 20, 2019 Read More

    Kickstarter for Compliance

    At this year’s Conference in London, the Design and Product teams ran two workshops (“Sailing to Compliance Nirvana” and “Kickstarter for Compliance”) that not only helped us gather data on client pain points but also created learning opportunities for our clients and allowed them to become directly involved in our product development process.

    by Edward Suvanaphen Jul 23, 2019 Read More

    Announcing our new Singapore office!

    Building on our global footprint, we have launched a regional office in Singapore to support our continued growth in the APAC region. With the added benefit of offering client support across multiple time zones, we are making a firm commitment to current and new clients in the region.

    by Arianne Rosmolen May 30, 2019 Read More

    1 Year on: Parental Leave

    Introducing Parental Leave 2.0 in 2018 at the rate of 12 weeks at full pay was our first step in a movement towards greater inclusion, equality, engagement and wellbeing for all parents at FundApps. So, on the back of us learning of several new FundApper parents this year, our value of Raise the Bar, and in light of us becoming a certified B Corporation, we have released Parental Leave 3.0.

    by Pat Caldwell Apr 30, 2019 Read More

    How we became a B Corp

    In 2018, FundApps has set a goal to become a certified B Corporation and on December 19 we officially signed our Declaration of Interdependence and joined the growing B Corp community!

    by Pat Caldwell Feb 5, 2019 Read More