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    Kickstarter for Compliance

    At this year’s Conference in London, the Design and Product teams ran two workshops (“Sailing to Compliance Nirvana” and “Kickstarter for Compliance”) that not only helped us gather data on client pain points but also created learning opportunities for our clients and allowed them to become directly involved in our product development process.

    by Edward Suvanaphen Jul 23, 2019 Read More

    2018 FundApps London Client Conference

    On June 7th we hosted our 4th Client Conference London at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. We welcomed our clients who had come from all over Europe, including Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The main reason for hosting the conference is to celebrate the success of our clients and FundApps, together; we are proud of what we have accomplished, the community we are building and we are keen to share our plans for the future.

    by Arianne Rosmolen Jun 18, 2018 Read More

    Adminovate 2018

    Adminovate connects fund managers with fund service providers to discuss the future of the industry, showcasing innovation in people, processes and technology

    by Arianne Rosmolen Jan 17, 2018 Read More

    FundApps on Trade Mission to Australia

    This week, FundApps founder and CEO Andrew Patrick White is taking part in the Department for International Trade's 'FinTech Mission to Australia.' The trade mission takes place from March 20-24, including events in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

    by Andrew White Mar 21, 2017 Read More