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investment restrictions

Our Investment Restrictions solution is always up-to-date with the latest legislation, with rules provided by our regulatory experts. We enable clients to assign, review, comment and upload supporting documents within a fully audited workflow, all on the cloud.

Monitor issuer, counterparty, leverage and other investment restrictions (UCITS, AIFMD, 40 Act etc.) including prospectus rules, and see compliance results online without the need to send manual reports. Identify active and passive breaches along with customisable early warning limits when close to breaching all from the cloud. Free up your compliance team from rule writing by letting FundApps encode your bespoke rules .

features and benefits

Results Overview

Rapptr shows all breaches as well as early warnings. Extensive filtering & statistic functions are also available to drill down to the information you need to see.

Email Notifications

Rapptr automatically notifies you every time something changes that you should know about. No more being bound to your desktop and having to regularly log in to a piece of software to find out if anything has happened.

Results Transparency

Every result has a complete history attached (when the breach started, how long it ran etc.), as well as information as to whether it was active/passive. It also shows any commentary and documents attached to the breach.

Rule Writing

Investment restriction compliance doesn’t stop at the monitoring of limits, a fund must also adhere to its prospectus/mandate rules. FundApps makes this as simple as possible by writing the rules for you. Click on “Request New Rule” enter a description and upload any supporting documents, FundApps will create, test and assign the rule for you. You receive an email when the rule is active.

how it works


1. Get started 

On-boarding to our service is extremely easy.

The only integration step required is to create a position file according to our specs and connect to our service via our API.

Once this one-step integration is complete no further effort is required.



Once you have created your data feed, you can upload the information.

You may create a schedule to upload your data feed automatically.

We provide instant feedback detailing processing errors and warnings after you have uploaded your feed.



Fully automated and done securely in the cloud.

Our state-of-the-art servers crunch your data and feed it into our rules engine.

Every time new information is uploaded, it is checked against our entire global rule library to ensure compliance in a matter of minutes.


4. REVIEW & Action

Log in from any web-enabled device to manage and review restrictions.

Restrictions can then be reviewed and actioned right from the FundApps' web interface.

Problem solved.

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