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investment restrictions

FundApps’ Investment Restrictions service is always up-to-date with the latest legislation, using rules written by our dedicated team of compliance experts. We enable clients to assign, review, comment and upload supporting documents within an audit-friendly, easy to use interface.


Monitor issuer, counterparty, leverage and other investment restrictions (UCITS, AIFMD, 40 Act etc.) including prospectus rules. Our service enables you to identify active and passive breaches, with customisable early warning alerts when you approach a limit. Free up your compliance team from rule writing by letting FundApps encode your prospectus rules and management guidelines.

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Monitor Investment Restrictions

Full, In-Depth Coverage of all asset classes


Our investment restrictions service monitors limits across UCITS, AIFMD, 40 Act and more.


With advertant and inadvertant breach detection, FundApps allows you to view the origin of a breach and track it through to resolution with comprehensive workflow tools.


Results are shown in an easy to use dashboard, allowing you to assess your compliance more quickly and easily than ever before.


No per-user fee.

No expensive infrastructure costs.

features and benefits

Results Overview

FundApps Investment Restrictions shows every breach, including historical data to see how your positions have changed over time. Extensive filtering enables you to drill down to the information you need to see.

Email Notifications

We automatically notify you every time something changes that you should know about. Email notifications allow for peace of mind when away from the computer, giving you greater flexibility without compromising your compliance.

compliance Expertise

Access support from our dedicated team of compliance experts, with decades of experience. For example our CEO, Andrew White, was a contributing author to the UCITS Handbook.


FundApps makes prospectus/mandate rules as simple as possible by writing the rules for you. Simply request a new rule online and FundApps will write it for you.

Full documentation

We provide extensive information on the rules we support, with detailed notes and commentary on calculation and interpretation.

Active / Passive Alerts

We automatically check for both advertent (trading) and inadvertent (pricing, corporate actions etc.) breaches, including early warning support. 


As compliance changes, so do we. Whenever there's regulatory change, FundApps' team of dedicated compliance experts write and deploy updated rules, so you don't have to.

Expert Community

Our rule commentary feature lets you communicate and share regulatory know-how with compliance professionals around the world. 

Single Yearly Cost

With FundApps there are no hidden charges. Everything from help with implentation, to updates, to regulatory support is included in our subscription fee.

The FundApps Service

Integrating with FundApps is straightforward: all we require is a daily positions file. At no extra cost, we provide you with support from our compliance experts every step of the way to get you up and running as efficiently and as easily as possible.


1. Upload Your Data


Connect to FundApps via our secure API and upload your positions data.

We can help you to schedule this process automatically.


2. Results Are Calculated


Once FundApps has received your data, we immediately assess your compliance.

Your positions are analysed against our global rule library. We'll email if you are approaching or have breached any limits.




Log in to review breaches and early warnings.

View rule explanations and assign tasks to colleagues with our powerful but intuitive user workflows.

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