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Official 13F Securities list in Excel, CSV or XML

Posted by Dan Crowley on Apr 29, 2015

2021 Update: See our latest 13F blog post, where we explain how to automate the entire 13F process.

As the NYSE pushes the SEC to reduce the disclosure period from 45 days to 2 days, FundApps takes away half the headache. 

Every quarter, shortly after the official list of 13F securities is released, you'll be sent an email with the latest information. We use the output of this in our own disclosure monitoring package, Rapptr, so we make sure all the lists are formatted perfectly to be machine readable.

If you'd like more information about this, or any other data sources we provide, then do get in touch!

2016 update:

We've published a bit more information on the 13F process! Click the link to find out how FundApps automates the 13F process... without the need for Excel!

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