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EU Short Selling Disclosure Regime Reporting

Posted by Dan Crowley on Jul 4, 2012

Update: Get the latest on EU short selling restrictions and regulation.

The upcoming European short selling regime (EU 236/2012) will introduce standardised disclosure requirements across all 27 members. Disclosure to supervisors will be required for net short positions of 0.2% with public disclosure required where the position reaches 0.5%.

As usual we're ahead of the curve at FundApps and we've already got most of the monitoring in place as well as the actual disclosure form generation which we know would be a pain without an IT solution. We'll be fine tuning it to make sure it's perfect for the impending deadline.

EU Short Selling Disclosure Regime Report
Example output for the EU Short Selling Disclosure Regime Report

Check out Rapptr - Disclosure for more information about Rapptr's monitoring & disclosure capabilities for Short Selling as well as Major Shareholding & Takeover Panel.