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Shareholding Disclosure Webinar | FundApps

1 min
Posted on Nov 22 2016 by Karl Schindler

Watch our webinar on Shareholding Disclosure, hosted by Thomson Reuters. Learn more about disclosure requirements and common pitfalls in the industry with FundApps

 Update - See the webinar below:


On Tuesday the 22nd of November, FundApps will be taking part in a webinar discussing Shareholding Disclosure hosted by Thomson Reuters (15:00 GMT / 10:00 EST).

In partnership with Thomson Reuters and Credit Suisse, Karl Schindler, FundApps' Head of Content, will be answering some questions about shareholding disclosure in a live webinar.

He will be joined by Robert Andric, Global Head of Regulatory Shareholding Reporting at Credit Suisse and Kristin Hochstein, Head of Financial Regulatory Solutions at Thomson Reuters.


The webinar will provide an in-depth look into the challenges surrounding shareholding disclosure, as well as real examples of how financial firms are overcoming them.


Topics of discussion will include data management, software and third-party services, best practises and step-by-step advice from compliance experts with decades of experience in shareholding disclosure.


It will also cover:

  • What the shareholder disclosure requirements are, and why all financial institutions need to address them
  • The current approach - how much is manual vs. automated; the use of outside counsel and advisory services; and the software used to manage the process
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes seen in the industry