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Outlined map of the UK in black with a pink marker at the location of the UK office in London. FundApps' head office is based in London.


114-116 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AH

Main: +44 20 3286 6978
Sales: +44 20 3637 4997
Support: +44 20 3637 2177

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New York

1178 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001

Main: +1 646 982 1494
Sales: +1 646 934 6715
Support: +1 646 982 1436

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#02-11, 13 Stamford Road, 178905, Singapore

Main: +65 6978 3848
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Support: +65 6978 3149

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Let's Talk

In the Let's Talk podcast, brought to you by FundApps -  we chat with a range of experts, friends and industry characters as they share their insights into the strategies at the forefront of the financial services industry, conjuring up some interesting ideas along the way.

Cover of Let's Talk podcast sponsored by FundApps.  Episode 1 features Paul Clulow-Philips from top bank Société Générale.

Paul Clulow-Phillips at Société Générale

Keys to a future-proofed business from one of the biggest banks in the world? Hear Paul’s opinion on the areas in which Banking needs to up its game, how and why governance has been switched up at SocGen, and how the regulators are embracing AI. 

Graphic cover of Let's Talk podcast sponsored by FundApps. Episode 2 features Lynne Carriero from IQEQ and talks ESG, FCA and SEC.

Lynne Carreiro at IQEQ

Compliance veteran versed in all things SEC and FCA, with a passion for responsible investing. Listen to Sally and Lynne debate whether regulators are fair about expectations, whether wilful misrepresentation of ESG requirements is bogging down efforts and what Lynne would banish to Room 101..

Cover of Let's Talk podcast sponsored by FundApps. Episode 3 features Bernardo Castel-Branco from Alpha FMC who highlights importance of culture.

Bernardo Castel-Branco at Alpha FMC 

 A good culture is the magic ingredient! Sally sits down with Bernardo and and spoke about how companies that adopt a culture-first strategy are more likely to outlive the companies that do not. Bernardo’s also got a wonderfully creative banking analogy! 


FundApps has allowed our organisation to stay on top of time sensitive disclosure requirements, alert us to approaching threshold breaches, accommodate rule changes in jurisdictions across the globe and provide audit trails on historical disclosures...

Kai Chu, Senior Compliance Analyst

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Canada


FundApps has simplified the complexities of shareholding disclosure regulations into one intuitive, easy to use platform and provides continued support from both their customer success team and content team when required.

Charlotte Sneddon, Risk Information & Reporting Manager

Quilter, United Kingdom


...With the help of FundApps, we can commit to delivering high-quality investment outcomes to our clients. We're excited about joining FundApps’ compliance community and we look forward to working together. 

Dirk Kaltschnee, Compliance Officer

Deka, Germany


FundApps’ Shareholding Disclosure service provides an intuitive and transparent solution to the ever-changing regulatory requirements we face. It will enhance our confidence in the filings we make, the integrity of the data used and the auditability of our shareholding disclosure reporting.

Manoj Chopra, Head of Risk Services

Vontobel, Switzerland


The combination of the Rule Commentary functionality, the explanation from FundApps and the detail provided about the rules from aosphere provides our business with a reliable solution that we can continue to use as our business grows.

Ben Battye, Chief Operations Officer

BennBridge, United Kingdom


...Using FundApps Filing Manager, my disclosures are ready to be submitted directly to the regulator at the simple click of a button. Once completed, I can view the filing status in one place with an entire audit trail, eliminating the need to cross-check various sources and validate the information submitted, making the entire disclosure process seamless.

Lynne Marchetti, Compliance Specialist

WCM Investment Management, United States


…I can highly recommend their people and solution to any firm, large or small, which deals with shareholding disclosures. At FundApps the team is always ready to go the extra mile to fit your need. More importantly, they will think with you. My experience with them has been nothing but EXCELLENT!

Vik D, Group Compliance Officer

Dutch Insurance Group

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Client case studies

Swiss Asset Manager

Swiss Asset Manager

A Swiss asset manager with $132 billion AuM achieved efficiency and accuracy using FundApps' comprehensive rules package and central dashboard.

Chicago-Based Asset Manager

Chicago-Based Asset Manager

Chicago-based asset manager with $123 billion in assets under management saved time and money by switching to FundApps' cloud-based compliance service

Nordic Asset Manager

Nordic Asset Manager

Discover how a leading financial institution overcame the challenges of manual shareholding disclosure processes with the help of FundApps.

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Let's Talk

Explore our latest blogs here and unlock a world of inspiration and knowledge.

Why Derivatives Limit Monitoring Needs Automation

Why Derivatives Limit Monitoring Needs Automation

Any process that requires manual intervention to maintain, takes an inordinate amount of effort to keep working effectively.

Peeling Back the Layers of Position Limits

Peeling Back the Layers of Position Limits

Position Limits cover the purchase and trading of a broad set of derivatives across asset classes and instruments. Where did it all start?

Short Selling Regulation Review: Our Response to the Call for Evidence

Short Selling Regulation Review: Our Response to the Call for Evidence

FundApps' letter to His Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) after a call for evidence was issued to improve the UK’s Short Selling Regulation (SSR).

Why (proper) shareholding disclosure doesn't end at delegation

Why (proper) shareholding disclosure doesn't end at delegation

Delegation is common practice in investment management, especially for endowments and pensions. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it seems.

GICS Changes in March to Impact Sensitive Industries Monitoring

GICS Changes in March to Impact Sensitive Industries Monitoring

The Global Industry Classification Standard is changing 17 March 2023, and investment management companies will need to reflect changes to stay compliant.

Position Limits keep vying for the compliance spotlight, and for good reason.

Position Limits keep vying for the compliance spotlight, and for good reason.

Our latest blog focuses on how derivatives limit monitoring is still a moveable feast and needs to be kept on top of, highlighting changes in 2022.


Are you cloud based?

Absolutely! We leverage the potential of the cloud to offer you hassle-free and highly effective solutions for your compliance challenges.

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Your problem may already have a solution, find it here: 

Where are your prices?

At FundApps, we are dedicated to offering personalised solutions that are specifically designed to meet your individual needs... That's why we operate on a quote basis – because we understand that every compliance issue, requirement, and client is different. Let's talk about it over a call! 

What types of institutions do you help service?

We help a wide range of financial institutions, such as Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Banks, and Pension Funds.

Can I work at FundApps?

We are thrilled to have talented individuals reach out to us. If there are any job openings available, they will be posted on this page.