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Featured course: Section 13F

Get ready to uncover the hidden gems of SEC's Section 13F in this all-inclusive course catered to both seasoned pros and eager beginners. Dive deep into the captivating history of this regulation, gain priceless insights on who should be keeping an eye on it, and become a master of effective monitoring. Discover all the tips and tricks for effortlessly submitting your filing to the SEC. Elevate your understanding of Section 13F to new heights!



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Whether you're a newbie looking to get started or an enthusiast craving advanced insights, we've got you covered.

Takeover Panels

Gain the necessary know-how and unshakable confidence to expertly manoeuvre through the complexities of UK Takeover Panel disclosures.

Section 13F

Take a plunge into the depths of the SEC's Section 13F, where you'll learn the ins and outs of monitoring it, and master the art of submitting the filing to the SEC.

Section 793 

AKA The UK Companies Act. Find out what qualifies as a disclosable interest and equip yourself with valuable insights into the repercussions of non-compliance.

EU Short Selling Regulation

Transform your approach to European short selling regulations. Explore disclosable assets, exposure calculation, netting, aggregation, and more.

The European Transparency Directive

Dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of the Directive, from gold plating to aggregation, and become a true expert in no time.

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FundApps works in the shadows ensuring you can submit disclosures with a click of a button. Flowers in the shadow with a golden sunset a the back.

The FundApps Academy helped me gain a deep understanding of the Transparency Directive and all of its complexities. The content is presented in a clear and engaging way, and the mixture of videos, text and questions throughout makes this difficult topic easy to understand.

Guy Bevan, Senior Consultant FS


FundApps will alert you of rule changes across jurisdictions and water the compliance plants. Woman in field admiring plants with her hands.

...I'd recommend the FundApps Academy to everyone seeking knowledge in this area of compliance. The pace and structure of the courses are well suited to experienced compliance managers, but also serves as a good introduction for less experienced professionals. 

Emil Castro Christensen, Senior Manager


FundApps do the hard work of compliance monitoring and reporting for you. Woman relaxing on row boar with a  clear blue mountain view across clear sky

The courses take very complex subjects in relation to the regulation surrounding shareholding disclosures and distils them down to easily understandable lessons, with the ability to test your knowledge and understanding throughout. These provide a great way of learning the key aspects of these subject matters in an easily digestible form.

Robert Haggerty, Global Head of Major Shareholding Reporting


Just like surfers, FundApps ride the wave amongst any firms, large or small.  Two surfers walking the beach as a wave comes in.

As an absolute beginner to the field, I was worried about the complexities in the European Transparency Directive. The Fundapps Academy's The European Transparency Directive' training structure is very well designed in terms
of explaining the complex topics in a systematic and understandable way.

Usame Ceylan, International Compliance Officer


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