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Sensitive Industries 

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Sensitive industries exposure on demand

Keeping on top of sensitive industries exposure has moved up the agenda in the past few years yet it remains a complex web of regulator and government rules that cover listed and unlisted, public and private issuers across a growing list of industries beyond the traditional ones of defence, banking, energy, transportation, aerospace, telecoms and media.

Rules often come with little guidance; can relate to specific industries, issuers, investor types; and an endless matrix of sub-categories. Single investments can be impacted by a myriad of each and rules might apply to all shareholders or just foreign ones. 

With the investor responsible for determining whether a company is in a sensitive industry, senior stakeholders keen to know exact exposure and with thresholds tightening and changing, sensitive industries monitoring is problematic to say the least.

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With FundApps Sensitive Industries, data is analysed in a matter of minutes. The diagram illustrates how the system triggers relevant alerts.


How FundApps sensitive industries works

Easily and securely upload your position file. 

Your position file is then run against the sensitive industries rules and the system automatically triggers the relevant alerts for approvals, disclosures or hard stops.

Data is analysed in a matter of minutes.

Key features


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Industry-specific legal & regulatory data

We use Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) codes and industry-specific legislation from our legal informatio provide aosphere.

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Automated monitoring

Users are alerted via email with a daily snapshot of monitoring results and can interrogate them further in a single dashboard with embedded workflow, audit trail and more.

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Results API

Calculation of how much can be traded in an issuers before reaching the next reportable threshold. Plus optional OMS integration connecting Compliance and Front Office teams.

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Safely navigate obscure regulation

Whether it is waterfalls in Norway or Buddha casts and monk alms bowls in Thailand, we've got you covered.

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Futureproofed solution ready for complexity

Sensitive industry thresholds vary by jurisdiction, a single company can operate in a wide range of industries, there can be issuer-specific limits in an industry and the landscape is ever-changing. 

There are also more rules for sensitive industries than shareholding disclosure so the need to automate and have a future flexible solution has never been greater. 

Get ahead today.

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