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How are CFTC Position Limits calculated?

posted on: May 25 2017

In the US, the CFTC makes provisions for the exchanges to set the specific position limits that can be accumulated by the market participant on their exchange. This power may be exercised by the exchange on a discretionary basis, allowing exchanges to have limits different to those set by the CFTC on 28 designated physical commodities. Read More

Hong Kong Short Position Reporting and Dizzying Denominators

posted on: May 22 2017

Short position reporting in Hong Kong is particularly complex, as the SFC requires that the calculation utilises official data directly from the HKEX. Read More

FundApps: Giving Back to the Community

posted on: May 19 2017

Companies can too easily take from society, and FundApps tries do the opposite. We try to focus on helping the community by not just donating money, but by volunteering too. Read More

German Regulator BaFin Increases Maximum Fine Guidelines

Topics: Fines, BaFin, Germany

posted on: May 09 2017

The new rules, introduce the possibility of revenue based or profit-based calculation of the relevant fines, including a maximum fine of 5% of annual turnover. Read More

FundApps showcased in RegTech Trade Mission for FinTech Week NYC

posted on: Apr 25 2017

The UK’s Department for International Trade is hosting its ‘RegTech Trade Mission’ in New York. FundApps were one of 16 companies selected for the trip. Read More

New Iceland Short Selling Rules in July 2017

Topics: Short Selling

posted on: Apr 20 2017

Iceland has confirmed its decision to incorporate the regulation into national law through a financial circular. The planned date of enforcement of the new act is the 1st of July 2017. Until then, existing Icelandic laws regarding short selling apply. Read More

Overheated Short Selling in South Korea

Topics: Short Selling, Compliance, korea

posted on: Mar 23 2017

After the 27th of March 2017, stocks with a sudden and abnormal increase of short selling over a trading day will be designated as “overheated short-selling stocks”, subject to restrictions on trading. Read More

FundApps on Trade Mission to Australia

Topics: Events

posted on: Mar 21 2017

This week, FundApps founder and CEO Andrew Patrick White is taking part in the Department for International Trade's 'FinTech Mission to Australia.' The trade mission takes place from March 20-24, including events in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Read More

The Challenges of Position Limit Monitoring

posted on: Mar 14 2017

Our new service makes Position Limit Monitoring simple, providing compliance professionals with the data and tools they need to do their job efficiently. Read More

The TDA and Horizontal Aggregation

Topics: Transparency Directive, Aggregation

posted on: Mar 09 2017

The TDA made it clear that checking an aggregate of one’s holding of shares and financial instruments was no longer an optional gold plating, such as in Spain and Germany, but a requirement across all Member States. Read More

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