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From the Content Team: The Impact of Multi-level Derivatives on Shareholding Disclosure

Multi-level derivatives can quickly become the undoing of even the most capable compliance team, due to their extremely complex and intricate nature. Read More

Topics: Disclosure, td2, derivatives

Issuer Requests: Now Automated

Do you spend hours fulfilling Section 793 requests or similar? Automatically calculate your holdings for an issuer with the click of a button with FundApps. Read More

Topics: issuer requests, shareholding disclosure

FundApps Moves House

FundApps has moved to a new office in Shoreditch. We're now based at 48-50 Scrutton Street, in a cool new office with plenty of room for our fast-growing team. Read More

Whitepaper: Shareholding Disclosure in Sweden

FundApps have written a whitepaper covering major shareholding and short selling contravention in Sweden, including statistical analysis of over 7,450 filings. Read More

Topics: Short Selling, Major Shareholding, Sweden, whitepaper

From the Content Team: Japanese Delta Hedging

This post explains the exemption on sales of shares in connection with long convertibles, in the Japanese short selling disclosure regime. Read More

Topics: Short Selling, From The Content Team, delta hedging, japan

From The Content Team: The ‘Florange Law’ and Double Voting Rights

In early 2014 the French government brought into force ‘The Florange Act’, with its biggest impact being on the ‘one share is equal to one vote’ principle. Read More

Topics: Disclosure, France, Europe, From The Content Team, Double Voting Rights

In-Depth: Understanding Swedish Disclosures

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority publicly provide Short Selling and Major Shareholding data. In this post, we examine and chart some of it in detail. Read More

Topics: Short Selling, Research, Major Shareholding, Regulatory Disclosures

From The Content Team: Home Member State

We explain and define the 'home member state’ concept when applying EU Short Selling regulation, and explain how FundApps' Rapptr can streamline the process. Read More

Topics: Disclosure, Short Selling, Europe, From The Content Team

Rule Commentary - Connect with a World of Legal Experts

Rule Commentary is changing how people discuss regulation. Read More

Topics: Roadmap, Rule Commentary

Karl Schindler featured by RegTech Summit

Our Head of Content, Karl Schindler, recently spoke to the organisers of 'Regtech Summit’, a conference dedicated to users of financial compliance software. Read More

Topics: Compliance, RegTech

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