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Keep up with regulatory change


How we do it

Regulations are rarely exact, complete or simple. Interpreting them takes time, talent and tenacity. With resources tight and so many competing priorities, it is near impossible to keep on top of every rule, regulation and recommendation.

This is where we come in. We have a dedicated team of regulatory experts in-house, a suite of smart software and an engaged client community. 

With a dedicated team solely focussed on interpreting, analysing and coding compliance monitoring and reporting regulations, we've got you covered. 

In-house regulatory experts in front of a yellow background. FundApps built a foundation with a team of regulatory experts in-house and software.

Here's a bit more insight

We use aosphere as our trusted legal information provider. New rules are created when a new regulation is introduced which affects a holder’s compliance obligations, rules may also be updated either when there is an update to aosphere memos or when we improve our legal interpretation. 

We commonly engage in discussion with aosphere and our clients about regulatory matters. 

We are all about keeping up with your compliance monitoring and reporting regulations.

New regulations, new rules in front of a pink background. FundApps engage in discussion with legal partners and clients about regulatory matters.
Power of Community | Power of Community |
Why Community is the X Factor of Compliance
9 mins

Why Community is the X Factor of Compliance

Discover the power of community in the financial industry and the benefits of collaboration. A strong and diverse community leads to innovation, productivity, and peace of ...

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FundApps in a nutshell

We can scale: monitoring trillions of client AuM: from boutique hedge funds to sovereign wealth funds to investment banks.

We are many: our global and active Client Community provides access to 1000s of industry peers.

We have skills: a proven ability to interpret regulation, code rules intelligently and create software that works.

How do we help solve the problem? 

Our in-house expertise

We have a whole team of regulatory experts in-house who relish spending their time poring over regulations, interpreting the grey areas and building consistent rules. 

Our proven software

Our platform has a sophisticated rules engine, is always up-to-date with the latest regulations and is powered by the industry's most comprehensive and accurate dataset.

Our client care

We work hard to retain ours CSAT score of 100% month in, month out. We do this through good project management, solid and fast implementations and a strong focus on first touch resolution. 

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Useful blogs to read

Why the compliance challenge of aggregation is often underestimated

Why the compliance challenge of aggregation is often underestimated

Discover how aggregation plays a vital role in the LEADR framework and the obstacles financial institutions encounter in meeting regulatory compliance.

The new US short selling rules: what’s going to be difficult for compliance officers?

The new US short selling rules: what’s going to be difficult for compliance officers?

New US short selling rules bring challenges for compliance officers: expanded reporting, XML filings, issuer thresholds, and daily position tracking.

Where Data Gets Your Shareholding Disclosure Wrong

Where Data Gets Your Shareholding Disclosure Wrong

Discover the importance of data in shareholding disclosure and how it serves as the foundational pillar for compliance.

Accreditations | Accreditations |

Our accreditations 

Chairs facing a lake and trees. FundApps help some of the largest pension fund companies to keep on top of sensitive disclosure requirements

FundApps has allowed our organisation to stay on top of time sensitive disclosure requirements, alert us to approaching threshold breaches, accommodate rule changes in jurisdictions across the globe and provide audit trails on historical disclosures...

Kai Chu, Senior Compliance Analyst

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Canada

Logo of Quilter in front of a green backdrop. FundApps works treemendously with Wealth Management Companies. Green energy all the way!

FundApps has simplified the complexities of shareholding disclosure regulations into one intuitive, easy to use platform and provides continued support from both their customer success team and content team when required.

Charlotte Sneddon, Risk Information & Reporting Manager

Quilter, United Kingdom

Deka logo in front of a red background. FundApps are red-iculously good at helping capital market companies deliver high quality investment outcomes.

...With the help of FundApps, we can commit to delivering high-quality investment outcomes to our clients. We're excited about joining FundApps’ compliance community and we look forward to working together. 

Dirk Kaltschnee, Compliance Officer

Deka, Germany

Vontobel logo in front of a black background with white wavelengths. FundApps Shareholding Disclosure service helps global investment firms globally.

FundApps’ Shareholding Disclosure service provides an intuitive and transparent solution to the ever-changing regulatory requirements we face. It will enhance our confidence in the filings we make, the integrity of the data used and the auditability of our shareholding disclosure reporting.

Manoj Chopra, Head of Risk Services

Vontobel, Switzerland

Bennbridge logo on red background with dots. FundApps are red-y to provide multi-boutique investment firms with solutions to grow businesses.

The combination of the Rule Commentary functionality, the explanation from FundApps and the detail provided about the rules from aosphere provides our business with a reliable solution that we can continue to use as our business grows.

Ben Battye, Chief Operations Officer

BennBridge, United Kingdom

Blue waves on a sandy beach. Relax with FundApps, as we help investment management firms to find solutions to make disclosure processes seamless.

...Using FundApps Filing Manager, my disclosures are ready to be submitted directly to the regulator at the simple click of a button. Once completed, I can view the filing status in one place with an entire audit trail, eliminating the need to cross-check various sources and validate the information submitted, making the entire disclosure process seamless.

Lynne Marchetti, Compliance Specialist

WCM Investment Management, United States

At FundApps we ride the extra mile, helping financial service companies with our automated solutions. Man biking under pink blossom trees.

…I can highly recommend their people and solution to any firm, large or small, which deals with shareholding disclosures. At FundApps the team is always ready to go the extra mile to fit your need. More importantly, they will think with you. My experience with them has been nothing but EXCELLENT!

Vik D, Group Compliance Officer

Dutch Insurance Group

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Our partners

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Our case studies

FundApps Develops Filing Manager with Client CCLFG

FundApps Develops Filing Manager with Client CCLFG

Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group finds success and efficiency through a product sponsorship with FundApps, creating a new service, Filing Manager.

Swiss Asset Manager

Swiss Asset Manager

A Swiss asset manager with $132 billion AuM achieved efficiency and accuracy using FundApps' comprehensive rules package and central dashboard.

Chicago-Based Asset Manager

Chicago-Based Asset Manager

Chicago-based asset manager with $123 billion in assets under management saved time and money by switching to FundApps' cloud-based compliance service

Let us help you keep up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes

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Let us help you keep up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes