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LEADR: The 5 Pillars of Shareholding Disclosure

LEADR is the beneficial ownership framework that enables firms to prioritise efforts and ensure all key areas are covered. The 5 pillars - Legislation, Events, Aggregation, Data, and Regions - evaluate the overall health of your regulatory monitoring system, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and highlight areas where unnecessary efforts may be exerted.

Join us on a LEADR adventure as we dive into a wide array of videos, articles, and webinars. By the end of our journey, you'll be ready to take your disclosure game to the next level. 

Aggregation: The Forgotten Pillar 

The vital role of aggregation

Aggregation goes beyond tallying positions to understand the complex legal relationships among your firm's entities and security positions within your corporate structure. Regulators worldwide have varying approaches, requiring firms to consider different levels and conditions when aggregating assets. 

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Webinar: why aggregation needs more compliance attention

Join us for our the first webinar in our Let’s Talk: LEADR series to explore how an increased focus on aggregation can transform your compliance workflow, reduce the margin for error, and boost your regulatory standing across jurisdictions.

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Data: The Foundational Pillar

Bad data in, bad data out

Just like the saying 'you are what you eat', everything goes smoother when your data is the perfect blend to power your engine. Getting the right data, knowing where it comes from and getting it on time is absolutely crucial.

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Say goodbye to drowning in information overload as LEADR swoops in to streamline your business strategy and effortlessly guide you through the world of Shareholding Disclosure.