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White Paper: Shareholding Disclosure in Sweden

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Posted on Oct 7 2016 by Karl Schindler

FundApps have written a whitepaper covering major shareholding and short selling contravention in Sweden, including statistical analysis of over 7,450 filings.


This summer, a small number of the FundApps team started work on a white paper covering the ins-and-outs of shareholding disclosure in Sweden. That white paper was finally completed this week and we are delighted to announce that it is ready to download.

About the white paper:

Using data on fines and filings sourced directly from the Finansinspektionen (the Swedish financial regulator also known as the FI), our white paper reveals a number of interesting conclusions about major shareholding and short selling in Sweden. It also explains exactly how the Swedish regime determines the size of fines issued for shareholding disclosure contraventions. Over 7,450 unique fines and filings were analysed for the white paper, which consists of three main sections:

  • Background to the Swedish Regime (and comparison with EU or US jurisdictions)
  • Statistical Analysis of Fines and Filings since 2012
  • Case Studies

The white paper expands on some of the points raised in our previous blog post, ‘Understanding Swedish Disclosures’. To gather the data, FundApps used custom software to mine information made public by the Swedish regulator, which was then subject to statistical analysis. Fines and filings from over 30 countries were examined, covering thousands of different companies across many different industries.