Filing Manager: The Future of Regulatory Disclosure

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Part Human, Part Machine, All Compliance.


Imagine the scene: Friday night. You’re late for dinner, yet again, and your PM just told you about positions that breach a threshold in Hong Kong. You need to make 12 disclosures in an unfamiliar jurisdiction and you can’t find your portal login details….After resetting your password, you login and painstakingly enter the details of your company and the issuer to be disclosed. You finish entering the data on the webpage and press “Next” and…the portal kicks you out. Some of your data was wrong. It’s going to be a very long night😥


What is Filing Manager? 

Filing Manager is the world’s first fully automated shareholding disclosure filing service that facilitates regulatory disclosure across the world taking our vision of a one-stop Compliance shop to the next level!

Filing Manager will speed up daily disclosure filings, allowing users to disclose a shareholding report in just one click.

Fragmented Fillings

Today, the bane of the Compliance world is in ensuring the correct information is submitted to regulators. 

Complexity is not only underpinned by the many data points requested by regulators (i.e. asset types, options, class of shares, voting rights, etc.) and by the many different Global regimes; but, also because different regulators expect to receive data in different formats and using different delivery methods.

From differences in file type i.e. PDF, XML, XLS, CSV to delivery methods i.e. emails, portals, https, etc - the act of trading Globally causes a huge operational headache for those needing to submit to the regulator. Disclosure reports can be overwhelming and, if completed incorrectly, result in hefty penalties. 

Filing Manager is designed to make this task feel effortless, saving people’s time and money whilst  keeping a detailed audit of all disclosure data available in the same place!


Our Shareholding Disclosure product tells clients when, where and what needs to be sent in a disclosure report. Bringing Filing Manager to the party allows clients to establish a secure connection with the regulators and file directly from the service.

Who does Filing Manager Help?

Compliance Analysts

No more remembering passwords for different portals; email addresses from different regulators; or, trying to find out how to save a file in that specific regulator format; Filing Manager will automate the entire process for you in just one-click.

Compliance Officers

Take cost out of your business by automating tedious manual tasks that detract from important issues AND increase quality AND reduce operational risk.



Imagine a new scene: Friday night. You’re late for dinner, yet again, and your PM just told you about a position that breaches a threshold in Hong Kong. You need to make 12 disclosures in an unfamiliar jurisdiction. FundApps alerts you to the disclosures required, you click one-button, the correct data is automatically sent to the SFC, which acknowledges receipt of disclosure. You log off and even manage a cocktail on the way home before dinner!😀

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