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Cloud-based service

A browser-accessible service capable of pushing out updates, changes, and notifications to the entire user base simultaneously.

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Task workflow

Task-based workflow designed to address the required action items, necessary rule approvals, and missing data pieces to ensure disclosures are made accurately and with the appropriate information.

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Denominator Check

Crowdsourced, anonymized data check used by clients to flag against irregular denominators.


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A function giving users the exact numbers of shares they can trade before reaching a reportable threshold, in both an upward and downward direction.

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Rule Commentary

A forum within the platform dedicated to the discussion of the regulatory environment, rule-specific nuances, and coding rationale of the nearly 500 housed rules in the library.

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Audit protection

Audit ready data surrounding task ownership, documents generated, and filings sent to regulators, all stored and accessible on the platform.

Transparent files
Result transparency

Access to a full history of data uploads, including disclosure alerts, for the entirety of a client's lifetime.

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