Sensitive Industries

Our service simplifies the process of monitoring sensitive industries investment and foreign ownership. Position data is uploaded daily and users are alerted to pre-approval warnings, notifications for disclosure obligations and hard stop breaches.

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Global Rule Coverage

FundApps’ Sensitive Industry rules cover industries with special significance, utilising legal information provided by our-long standing partner aosphere

Multiple Restrictions

Complete coverage of Sensitive Industry restrictions including pre-approval warnings, post notifications for disclosure obligations, and hard stop for limits that cannot be breached


Companies are mapped using the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) and industry specific legislation from our legal and regulatory data provider

Expedited Implementation

Shareholding Disclosure subscribers require no additional data beyond GICS mapping

Simple Workflow

How we automate industry limits monitoring

Figure and screen

Easily and securely upload
your positions data to our
cloud-based platform

Globe and screen

Have your data analysed in a matter of
minutes and be automatically notified of
approvals, disclosures or hard stops

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Simply file any necessary disclosures

Core Features

The industry’s leading automated process
for Sensitive industries monitoring

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Regulatory Data

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Much like Shareholding Disclosure, successful oversight of industry-specific regulation depends on a variety of reliable data points. Through automated checks done on a daily basis, source file corrections, and crowdsourced information that’s vetted by FundApps, clients’ data concerns and surrounding workloads are addressed.

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Rules Engine

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The Sensitive Industries rule package consists of three different types of rules - Pre-Approval, Hard-Stop, and Threshold-Disclosure - applicable to different extents in all jurisdictions that FundApps covers. By mapping companies utilising GICS codes and a thorough analysis of legal memorandum provided by our partner aosphere, FundApps’ rules engine removes the uncertainty within sensitive industries.

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Integrated Workflow

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As sensitive industry legislation is designed to protect the interests of the jurisdiction in scope, the corresponding regulation is rife with nuances and idiosyncrasies. Through a workflow prioritising the most time-sensitive and high-priority actions required by users, clients can maintain a clear view of regulatory obligations that are both due to the relevant authorities and avoidable.

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Why FundApps?

The first managed service for handling
the complexities of Sensitive Industries

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Unique industry thresholds per jurisdiction

Each jurisdiction is responsible for determining its own industry specific limits, and does so keeping national interests in mind. For example, Greece requires a post-trade notification in media companies at 1% ownership.


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Same company, different industry
Many single companies operate in a wide range of industries, rendering the process of manual checks impractical and nonviable. FundApps’ Sensitive Industry rules package takes seconds to complete.


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Foreign ownership drives complexity
Foreign ownership further complicates matters of industry specific regulation, where foreign investment entities face limitations of ownership far lower than that of domestic ones.


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Safely navigate arcane regulation
It’s not uncommon for jurisdictions to enforce obscure industry thresholds. In Norway, there is a 20% pre-approval for waterfalls, and Thailand imposes restrictions on companies that make Buddha casts and monk alms bowls.


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