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Our recruitment process is designed to give you an authentic taste of life at FundApps and a chance for us to understand how you can add value to our team. You can find here more information about our recruitment process, Top Tips from our People Ops team and some FAQs.

Our Process

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You’ll have greater success when your experience strongly matches our job requirements, so make sure the skills and achievements on your application are aligned to the job description.

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All applications are read by our People Ops team. What sets apart great applications is usually a concise CV evidencing the requirements of the job, a cover letter that helps us understand the motivations for the role and joining FundApps, and answers to the application questions that help us start to get to know you in an authentic way.

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Our interviewing process will be slightly different depending on the role. It's designed to give both of us an authentic perspective on the other to see if this could be a great fit. Our steps typically include: phone screen to understand more about your motivations, technical assessments, hiring manager/panel interviews and informal/social discussions.

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If you’re selected to receive an offer, your hiring manager and our People Ops team will provide you all the information you need in your offer to help you make a decision and understand the next steps to prepare for onboarding.

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So the day has come! You’re now officially a FundApper! Your first day will be fairly chilled and involve getting set up on our platforms, speaking with your Manager and starting to meet a few of your team members. You’ll also be shown your First 100 Days plan which provides some structure on the learning you’ll be doing in the coming weeks and months.

Top Tips

Here’s some tips and advice on what we look for in a candidate:

  1. Invest time in the application
    When we’re reviewing hundreds of applications the ones that stand out almost always demonstrate passion, creativity or a sense of humour. Whether it’s sharing your motivations honestly in your cover letter, or writing an authentic team bio in the application questions, every FundApper who has joined us did so after submitting a thoughtful application.
  2. Share what makes you tick
    We want to hear what makes you tick, your motivations and how you got to this point in your journey! We love the unique perspectives and experiences each FundApper brings and would love to hear more about yours and what you can bring to FundApps.
  3. Get to know us
    Most people who apply to FundApps aren’t experts in shareholding disclosure or regulation generally. That’s OK! What we love seeing during the process is curiosity in a candidate, particularly around the service we provide our clients and the kind of business (hint… B-Corp!) that we are. Our website is a great place to start, and if something doesn’t make sense or you’re keen to know more about something specific, note it down as a question you can ask in your interview.
  4. Tell us something new
    We think the best interviews are the ones where we walk out feeling like we learned something new. We're always looking for new ways to raise the bar and challenge our own ways of working, so be yourself and share your honest thoughts, we’d absolutely love to hear them!
  5. It’s a two way street
    It can be nerve-racking going through a recruitment process, and whilst we are naturally considering you as our next FundApper and what you might bring to the team, our process is also designed for you to get to know us and see if we fit what you’re looking for in your next company. That’s why during our process you’ll usually meet 5-6 FundAppers who you’ll be working with. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and get under the skin of FundApps to see if we’re right for you.

Recruitment FAQs

We’ve put together a few responses to some of our most common questions from applicants and recruiters

Do you offer flexible working?

Absolutely! Flexible working has been the norm at FundApps since it was founded in 2010 and there’s very little we can’t accommodate. All FundAppers have option to work from home or an office as often as they like. If you have something specific in mind already, we’d encourage you to chat with your Hiring Manager or a member of our People Ops team during the recruitment process and we can discuss specific arrangements in more detail.

Do you sponsor applicants for a working visa?

Most of our roles are not open to sponsorship. There are one or two exceptions based on the nature of some roles and this will be included in our job advertisements.

I’m a recruiting agency - are you open to working with us?

Generally, no. As a small tech company with an in-house People Ops team, we fill all of our vacancies in house and rely on 1 or 2 agencies we’ve been working with for some time if we need to. If you still feel compelled to introduce yourself you’re welcome to email - please, no unsolicited CVs.

I saw a role, it’s not there anymore. What should I do?

We advertise all roles for the duration of their vacancy so if it’s disappeared from the website it probably means we’ve filled it. Not to worry though - If you have your heart set on one of our roles at FundApps you can complete a general application and share some info on what you’re looking for and we’ll be able to give you some feedback on future roles that might be available and a good fit.

Do you keep previous applications for future openings?

We’re not a fan of the generic one-liner in all rejection emails about how we want to keep in touch with everyone. Generally, we don’t revisit previous applications for future openings unless it’s been submitted through the general application portal. If we do want to keep in touch with you for future openings, it’s because we mean it, and a member of the People Ops team will let you know of this during the recruitment process.

Do you offer interns/work experience/grad programmes?

We have two early careers programmes at FundApps: Summer Internships and 18-month Graduate Programmes. We start recruiting for these roles at the end of the calendar year whilst students are on break and considering what they might want to do after graduation or during their summer holidays as a placement. Both programmes are advertised on our website so best to keep an eye out from November each year.

What do I need to bring to my interview?

If there is something specific to bring you’ll be notified by a member of the People Ops team. Generally, nothing is mandatory at interviews and you’ll find it’s very conversational rather than a HR assessment of you. So if bringing along CVs, notepad or an inflatable dinosaur makes you feel comfortable… go for it! The main thing is we want to get to know you and what you’re capable of, and likewise give you a chance to really get under the skin of FundApps and see if we’re a fit for what you’re looking for in your next role.

How can I prepare for a FundApps recruitment process?

We've compiled some tips, scroll up to check them out!

What is the dress code?

Our Head of Client Services, Teri, wore a Metallica shirt to her final interview and aced it. So if that’s not evidence enough we care more about what you’re capable of and what you can bring to FundApps than how perfectly you’re dressed for a corporate office job, I don’t know what to say… But in all seriousness, interviews are a chance to really get to know each other better. We’re going to dress comfortably, so you’re welcome to do the same.

What happens if I am running late to my interview?

We once had someone accidentally go to a local pub in London with the same name as one of our meeting rooms. That was a pretty awesome excuse. But in all seriousness, we understand sometimes things come up or your transport doesn’t arrive on time. Just let your hiring manager or People Ops know if that’s the case. We can generally be pretty flexible. 

Who can I reach out to requesting disability accommodations throughout the application process?

If you require assistance with the recruitment process you can reach out to our People Ops team and we’ll be able to assist.

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