Meet Our Team


Here at FundApps we celebrate diversity - our team is made up of 30 different nationalities and counting! Our skills range from infrastructure and computer architecture to financial compliance and marketing.

Andrew P. White CEO
Ebbe Filt Lead Solutions Engineer
Karl Schindler Lead Regulatory Expert
Christof Bays Head of Channel Sales & Partnerships
Iago Martinez Engineering Manager
David Polonsky Head of North America
Ben Richards Group Product Manager
Hana Sekerez Global Operations Manager
Patrick Willis Delivery Lead
Will Smith Software Engineer
Tyrene Soler Head of Sales EMEA
Anthony Angel Infrastructure Engineer
Jonny Bradshaw Chief Product Officer
Viv Syal Chief Financial Officer
Vivienne Chkadua Client Services Lead, Americas
Toby O'Rourke Chief Technology Officer
Lea Mladineo Software Engineer
Roberto Minghi Software Engineer
Elliot Greenwood Software Engineer
Ron Burns Senior Regulatory Analyst
Richard Mohammed Software Engineer
Peter Kempf Senior Client Success Manager
Amber Hall Account Manager, AMER
Loris Bognanni Software Engineer
Vincent Gilbert Information Security Lead
Flavia Circiumaru Software Engineer
Bhavesh Patel Digital Designer
Brittany May Sales Manager
Liam Driscoll Content Marketing Manager
Cristian Harsu Software Engineer
George Rayner Software Engineer
Benjamin Gunton Software Engineer
Elizabeth Saghdejian Senior People Operations Manager
Carol Cardoso Senior Product Manager
Ali Chaudhry Software Engineer
Jo Crossick Engineering Manager
Julija Lončar Software Engineer
Shaun Cheung Client Success Manager
Grant Coombe Chief Revenue Officer
Emer Maloney Senior Client Experience Analyst
Nick Allport Software Engineer
Alex Stillwell Client Success Associate
Meryl Rastall Head of Regulatory Content
Richard Kifvel Infrastructure Engineer
Andrew Kim Regulatory Analyst
Alex Henderson Client Success Manager
Amber Adam Solutions Engineer
Adam Bell Sales Development Representative
Alexander Hall Software Engineer
Mike Hodgkins Infrastructure Engineer
Kejal Patel Software Engineer
Joel Lim Sales Manager, APAC
Anibe Agamah Software Engineer
Frederick Godsell Sales Development Representative
Samuel Atkins-Turkish Software Engineer
Agith Sivapalan Lead Regulatory Expert
Andy Davies Software Engineer
James Naylor Software Engineer
Michaela Garner Talent Partner
Gloria Dumas Sales Manager
Ivo Miladinov Client Success Associate
Nathan Bell Software Engineer
Kaiser Product Designer
Dario Nunez Software Engineer
Andreas Leveque Client Experience Analyst
Jack Lee IT Support Engineer
Vittorio Iocalano Software Engineer
Lauren Stanley Account Manager, EMEA
Steve Penn Infrastructure Engineer
Rory Logue Infrastructure Engineer
Bethan Watson Associate Product Manager
Mikiel Agutu Software Engineer
Sebastian Flower Software Engineer
Sam Banks Regulatory Analyst
Laurence King Software Engineer
Adam Bethon Client Success Associate
Martina Varriale Operations Associate
Arsh Moghul Digital Marketing Specialist
Maria Walker Software Engineer
Andrew Swinhoe Client Success Associate
Jantine Bresser Client Success Associate
Zachary Finkelstein Sales Development Representative
Mike Carlon Sales Manager
Annie Finlay Growth Product Manager
Will Bryceson Product Manager
Stuart Kenwood Software Engineer
Gururaj Kulkarni Engineering Manager
Louis Paoluccio Client Success Associate
Gleison Gibellato da Silva Software Engineer
Felix Blumer Lead Regulatory Expert
Ibraheem Mir Client Success Associate
Siobhan Robson Client Experience Analyst
Jonathan Peden Senior Regulatory Analyst
Josephina Fung Client Success Manager
Louis Kolodziej Software Engineer
Michael Barclay Sales Manager
Alex Joseph Client Services Lead, EMEA
Emma Raymond Head of Sales Development
Ena Jovanovic Information Security Analyst
Jon Ramsell Financial Controller
Naomi Trimble Regulatory Analyst
Owen Bayley Software Engineer
Baldeep Kaur Senior Regulatory Analyst
Paulo Martins Software Engineer
Lisa Pak Client Success Associate
Igor Masa Sales Manager
Kieran Harris Software Engineer
Sulaiman Maarij Software Engineer
Miguel Fernandez Infrastructure Engineer
Amman Basra Software Engineer
Vivien Henyel Talent Partner
Charlotte Elver Head of Revenue Enablement
Nick Byrne Account Manager
Ramisa Miah Sales Development Representative
Sarah Eng Lead Regulatory Expert

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