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A growing series of online courses aimed at helping both those who are new to Shareholding Disclosure and those who want to deepen their knowledge. We offer AIMA members 10% off all courses using code AIMA10

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Easy to digest: each course consists of several engaging in-depth videos and concise chapter summaries. Each one takes no longer than half a day to complete.

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Learn from an expert: every course is presented by Ebbe Filt, FundApps’ Subject Matter Expert. He advises the world’s largest asset managers and most reputable hedge funds on regulatory interpretation and compliance processes.

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Affordable and flexible pricing: our online courses range in price, from free mini courses to more comprehensive ones that cost just £175 ex. VAT. We also offer discounted bundles and subscription models, as well as a 10% discount for AIMA members.

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Certified: at the end of each course, there is a quiz to test your knowledge. Upon passing you will receive a FundApps Academy certificate. 

"The FundApps Academy helped me gain a deep understanding of the Transparency Directive and all of its complexities. The content is presented in a clear and engaging way, and the mixture of videos, text and questions throughout makes this difficult topic easy to understand."

Guy Bevan, Senior Consultant FS, PWC

Our Online Educational Courses

Unlike legal information, which many already have access to, our seminars capture hard-won feedback forged from the real-world experiences of over 100 of the world’s largest asset managers, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds and sell-side institutions who use our Shareholding Disclosure service. Click below to find out more about our courses.

Section 793 (The UK Companies Act)

This free course will equip you with an in-depth knowledge of issuer request disclosures within the UK. In just an hour you will learn when you are required to respond to a Section 793 request and disclose your holdings, what defines a disclosable interest and what the sanctions are for failing to comply.

The European Transparency Directive

This online course will enable you to navigate the European Transparency Directive with confidence. Including 12 video lessons and concise summary text, this course totals half a day's worth of content. Upon completion, you will have a comprehensive understanding of all of the different nuances in the Directive, including gold plating and aggregation.

EU Short Selling Regulation (Coming soon!)

This course will change the way that you manage short selling regulation across the EU. Through 10 videos and concise summary text, totalling half a day's worth of content, you will learn the practical application of the regulation. This course covers disclosable assets, exposure calculation, netting and aggregation and more.