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Don’t Get Caught Short Reporting to ASIC - FundApps Have You Covered Down Under

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Posted on Apr 16 2021 by Jonny Bradshaw

Australian short selling reporting to the Australian Securities & Investments Council (ASIC) through the Foreign Investment eXchange (FIX) protocol ‘position report’ messages.

FundApps has extended the value of its Shareholding Disclosure service by automating the process for filing with ASIC, the Australian regulator, for short position reporting.* 


Previously, market participants relied on market data providers or were forced to adopt other 3rd party solutions just to submit their Australian short filings, despite limitations regarding support and users' ability to get further information, should they need it.

However, with news that a leading market data provider is set to retire their free offering later this year, many fund managers have been caught off-guard and are scrambling to fulfil this essential regulatory obligation. 

With FIX integration in place, those with a FundApps subscription can rest easy with the knowledge that they are covered. ASIC connectivity will come with expected features for individual or bulk disclosures, real-time submissions, calendar checks; and, certification of conformity from ASIC. Premium support comes as standard, and users are reassured their filings will be made on time and without mistakes.

FundApps users make further progress by reducing operational risk and increasing efficiency by avoiding the need to extract data to load elsewhere for filing. 

With everything seamlessly handled in one place, the overhead of reporting is reduced to the click-of-a-button.

For those left wondering how to manage ASIC short filing having received news their existing service is to be discontinued, or for those tired of subpar support from other providers and aren’t currently signed up, FundApps are welcoming new users and can provide an answer for automatic short disclosure submissions to ASIC. If you'd like to find out more then get in touch

*ASIC FIX for existing FundApps clients is available from September 2021 and we're currently taking names down for release at that time. Please get in touch with your CSM if you'd like to find out more.