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Shareholding Disclosure

We automate disclosure requirements such as major shareholding (including 13D/13G), 13F reporting, short selling (EU SSR, HK, Japan, etc.), takeover panels, issuer limits, issuer requests (such as Section 793), sensitive industries and more.


Combining our software with up-to-date regulatory analysis delivered by Aosphere (an affiliate of Allen & Overy), FundApps Shareholding Disclosure provides you with the most efficient way to adapt to regulatory change.


FundApps greatly increases compliance capability by automating the most difficult aspects of shareholding disclosure. We remove the risk of human error by calculating your net and aggregate positions, eliminating the need for complicated spreadsheets. We also source the latest regulatory information (such as takeover panels, short selling black lists and issuer limits) every day.

Our service is used by financial institutions ranging from $1 billion hedge funds to $500+ billion asset managers, including 400+ users across five continents. We provide a flexible, 21st century approach to compliance that is designed to be easy to integrate and always up to date, with zero hidden costs.





Our purpose-built Shareholding Disclosure service enables compliance teams to disclose more accurately and quickly than ever before, no matter the complexity of their ownership hierarchies.

Our service is used to analyse over $3 trillion in AuM every day.

With integrated workflows, custom alerts and notifications, FundApps’ Shareholding Disclosure enables compliance teams to spend less time checking for regulatory updates and more time on other tasks.

No per-user fee.

No expensive infrastructure costs.


Managed Content

We base our rule algorithms on detailed legal information from Aosphere. Our team of compliance experts interprets and translates 'legalese' from across the globe into algorithms, so you don’t have to.

compliance expertise

As part of our service, clients can see changes to the regulation over time, with detailed interpretational notes. Reach out to our Client Services team to get specific feedback on any rule we support.

Instant Updates

Receive rule updates without the need to install or upgrade new software or write and maintain custom queries: we'll even email you when you need to disclose.


To monitor your positions, our team actively maintains 500+ rules covering international regulation in unparalleled detail. We explain new regulation as it is issued, saving you time and effort.


Our workflows are designed to help organisations disclose on time, efficiently and without mistakes. Manual errors are eliminated as FundApps automatically generates disclosure forms.

Expert Community

Our service lets you connect, communicate and share regulatory know-how with compliance professionals around the world. We manage the world’s largest forum for shareholding disclosure.


We automatically source the latest in regulatory information, including 11 takeover panels, various short selling lists and many ESMA lists. If more detail is needed, we reach out to regulators to get a better understanding directly at source.


FundApps gives you an easy way to respond to issuer holding requests, such as a Section 793. Generate all the information an issuer could possibly need at the touch of a button.


Pay a straightforward annual subscription fee and save money with no software licensing, maintenance or hardware costs. No hidden fees, no extra charges. Learn more.

The FundApps Service

Integrating with FundApps is straightforward: all we require is a daily positions file. At no extra cost, we provide you with support from our compliance experts every step of the way to get you up and running as efficiently and as easily as possible.


1. Upload Your Data


Connect to FundApps via our secure API and upload your positions data.

We can help you to schedule this process automatically.


2. Results are calculated


Once FundApps has received your data, we immediately identify your regulatory obligations.

Your positions are analysed against our global rule library in a matter of minutes. You will receive an email if you need to make any disclosures.


3. Review, Disclose & file


Log in to review and manage any disclosure obligations.

We automatically generate 100+ disclosure forms, with most fields pre-populated. If you need to make a filing, complete the form and click to disclose.

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