Capable of monitoring disclosure requirements, our shareholding disclosure service provides investors and asset management companies with complete confidence that their reporting duties are being fulfilled accurately, on time and in compliance with all relevant disclosure guidance and transparency rules.

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Global jurisdictions covered through legal information from aosphere (an affiliate of Allen & Overy), interpreted by a dedicated “Regspert” team and approved by the FundApps Community


Regulatory lists are updated as often as every 3 hours and include takeover panel lists, ESMA’s FIRDS database, SEC’s 13F list and more, giving you access to up-to-date essential data


Rules to allow our shareholding disclosure software to automate regulatory checks for major shareholding, SEC’s Section 13, short selling, takeover panels, issuer limits and issuer requests


Disclosure documents and  pre-populated forms to allow for rapid reporting, ensuring the timely resolution of any disclosure requirements for the relevant regulator

Simple Workflow

How we automate shareholder disclosure regulation compliance

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Step 1: Upload your positions data to our secure cloud-based shareholding disclosure platform

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Step 2: View your analysed data in a matter of minutes and be notified of any disclosure requirements that require your attention

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Step 3: File your shareholder disclosures using our software which produces automatically generated and pre-populated forms

Core Features

Automate and streamline all your shareholding disclosure needs and remain compliant with changing regulatory requirements with our industry-leading shareholder reporting software

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An essential component of accurate shareholder disclosure monitoring, the FundApps service includes access to high-quality data and regulatory lists in one convenient working hub. Updated regularly through crowdsourced information, the FundApps Community, and source file corrections, data fed into our cloud-based system helps to eliminate the risks associated with poorly-sourced regulatory data.

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Rules Engine

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Built on a complex and ever-expanding rules engine, the FundApps disclosure regulation platform is informed by a combination of aosphere’s legal information and the translations of our own content team. Through this, clients gain access to trustworthy, best-in-industry jurisdictional coverage and a deep rules library, enabling them to confidently trade on a global scale, safe in the knowledge that their regulatory requirements are being met.

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Integrated Workflow

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Acting as a true Compliance-as-a-Service company, FundApps’ disclosure regulation platform automates the monitoring and regulatory filing aspects of shareholding management. Using our clean, intuitive user interface, compliance professionals are able to access task-oriented agendas which are designed to help them effectively manage their daily obligations.

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Regulatory Connectivity

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Mistakes made within regulatory reporting, whether it’s in the fulfilment of regulator ad-hoc requests or critical filing deadlines, can not only result in fines but also pose a serious threat to your company’s reputation. At FundApps, our established partnerships with regulators like ASIC ensure that clients benefit from bolstered coverage and automated connections, meaning mistakes are prevented, time is saved, and reputations are protected.

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Why FundApps?

Proven to reduce regulatory risk, FundApps’ shareholding disclosure service gives compliance professionals access to the tools they need for complete peace of mind

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Avoid fines and reputational damage

Landing on the wrong side of disclosure rules can carry severe and expensive consequences. FundApps’ shareholding disclosure software makes remaining on top of disclosure requirements simple, allowing clients to avoid fines and disclaimers on Form ADV, and alleviate the stresses surrounding shareholding disclosure management.

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Reduce the time and cost of Shareholding Disclosure

Managing shareholder disclosure requirements is time-intensive and costly, especially for companies operating on a global scale. By accessing the FundApps platform, clients can automate this process, make considerable daily time savings, and re-distribute resources previously allocated to disclosure regulation.

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Retire unsuitable software and processes

Outdated processes and unreliable systems grow more error-prone with every regulatory change made by governing parties. Remove the high operational risks and costs associated with internal systems and retire legacy systems by making the switch to FundApps’ disclosure regulation software.

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Prove adherence to regulation

Capable of maintaining a complete audit of actions, our shareholding disclosure service provides all clients with the ability to demonstrate historical regulatory compliance. 100% of live clients have reported that this service has proven useful in illustrating that due diligence has been maintained.

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