Our service monitors disclosure requirements for major shareholding, short selling and takeover panels. Position data is uploaded daily and users are alerted to new disclosures. Disclosures are made on time without mistakes.

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Global Jurisdictions: legal information from aosphere (an affiliate of Allen & Overy); interpreted by a dedicated “Regspert” team; approved by the FundApps Community


Regulatory Lists: providing essential data as often as every 3 hours; includes takeover panel lists, ESMA’s FIRDS database, SEC’s 13F list and more


Rules: automating checks for major shareholding, SEC’s Section 13, short selling, takeover panels, issuer limits, issuer requests


Disclosure Documents: rapid reporting with many pre-populated forms for the relevant regulator

Simple Workflow

How we automate regulatory compliance

Figure and screen

Easily and securely upload
your positions data to our
cloud-based platform

Globe and screen

Have your data analysed in a matter of
minutes and be automatically notified of
any required disclosures

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Simply file your disclosures with
our automatically generated
and pre-populated forms

Core Features

The industry’s leading automated process
for all your shareholding disclosure needs

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Accurate monitoring of shareholding disclosure obligations is impossible without high quality, clean, and workable data, the likes of which compliance teams everywhere struggle sourcing from various providers. Through crowdsourced information, advantages of the FundApps Community, and source file corrections, the risk associated with regulatory data is eliminated.

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Rules Engine

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The FundApps rules engine is a reflection of the core philosophies that drive our services - strength in community, regulatory compliance expertise, and task automation. With a best-in-industry jurisdictional coverage and deep rules library, FundApps users are free to trade globally without concern.

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Integrated Workflow

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FundApps is a true Compliance-as-a-Service company, automating the monitoring and disclosure of regulatory filings for investment management companies of all sizes and scopes. With a clean, intuitive user interface, and a task oriented user experience, compliance professionals are able to efficiently manage obligations and mitigate risk.

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Regulatory Connectivity

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Every ad-hoc request from a regulator and required daily filing presents another opportunity for a mistake resulting in a fine and reputational damage. That’s why FundApps has established partnerships for bolstered coverage and automated connections to regulators like ASIC, giving clients and end-users peace of mind, knowing mistakes are prevented and time is saved.

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Why FundApps?

Helping compliance professionals get
a good night's sleep

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Avoid fines and reputational damage

Clients use our service to avoid fines and disclaimers to investors on their Form ADV. One-in-two users report that we have at least halved, if not completely relieved, their daily concern regarding the management of Shareholding Disclosure.

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Reduce the time and cost of Shareholding Disclosure

Clients use our service to reduce the amount of time and effort they spend managing Shareholding Disclosure. One-in-two estimate that we have helped to introduce daily time savings of 50% on average.

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Retire unsuitable software and processes

Clients use our service to move away from error-prone and unreliable systems and processes. 100% of clients associate high operational risk with their internal systems and two out of three clients have legacy systems they go on to retire after making the switch to FundApps.

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Prove adherence to regulation

Clients use our service to maintain an audit of their actions. 100% of live clients report that our service has proven useful in demonstrating appropriate due diligence and meeting regulatory obligations.

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