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Introducing our Global Company Database

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Posted on Sep 5 2019 by Ben Richards

Integrated with GLEIF, the “Global Companies Database” takes all the available information and super charges it with data relevant to compliance and beyond.

The never-ending pain of sourcing accurate company information is one we hear a lot about at FundApps. Clients sourcing exactly the same information and using the same data providers, each doing the same validation and checks to make sure that the data they have is correct. Duplication of effort is rife with no mechanism to utilise and share the work of others and, where data providers are notified of inaccuracies, days often pass before corrections are reflected in data feeds.

What if there was a better way?

Perhaps, a consolidated data product where clients could access the same database of company information. One that clients could update themselves, verify changes others have made and work together, collating a golden source of community powered data with continuous, live updates.

Introducing FundApps’ “Global Company Database”

Integrated with GLEIF and currently made up of 1.4m companies, the “Global Company Database” takes all of the information currently available in the initiative and then super charges this with data relevant to compliance and beyond, giving us:

  • A global company identifier (the LEI)
  • Company websites with issued shares data
  • Filing email addresses
  • Contact persons
  • Relationships between corporate entities



With ANNA integration the dataset will expand to contain security level information, such as issuer specific limits or issued share figures - allowing clients to add new limits and amend existing ones. Once verified, changes are reflected for all clients instantly.

So, do you want to get rid of those static spreadsheets and reduce the time you spend doing the same validation as other industry colleagues? Get in touch with FundApps now to find out more about how the “Global Company Database” can provide you with a new way of obtaining your issuer level information.