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Automating the monitoring of short selling disclosure requirements across the world - our service assures asset managers and investors that reporting duties are being performed accurately. This ensures daily monitoring is completed in-line with short reporting thresholds and stringent deadlines.

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Rules that enable our disclosure software to automate short selling regulation checks, including ESMA’s EU SSR.



Global jurisdictions covered through legal information from aosphere (an affiliate of Allen & Overy), interpreted by a dedicated ‘Regspert’ team and approved by the FundApps Community.


Disclosure documents: rapid reporting with pre-populated Global Short Selling forms tailored to the relevant regulator

Simple Workflow

How we automate short selling compliance

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Step 1: Upload your short positions data to our secure cloud-based disclosure platform.

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Step 2: Leave a few minutes for your data to be analysed. Once complete, you will be automatically notified of any disclosure requirements that require attention.

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Step 3: Instantly file your short selling disclosures with our automatically generated and pre-populated forms.

Core Features

The industry’s leading automated disclosure software for short selling regulation, reporting and monitoring duties.

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Regulatory Data

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Short selling disclosures are notoriously considered as having the smallest margin of error - our short selling disclosure software allows timely monitoring that allows you to meet tight deadlines and small reporting thresholds, as well as accessibly combine the data points required to compare positions to regulations. FundApps aggregates this scattered data, gathered from publicly available sources, collating it for ease of use and providing the features and tools that clients need to monitor short positions and accurately disclose.

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Rules Engine

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Maintaining accurate short selling rules is vital to remaining compliant with the law as these rules risk being changed in the instance of economic uncertainty, or in instances of sudden change in issuer share price. The dedicated regulatory content team at FundApps translates aosphere’s 70+ short selling rules interpretations, deriving from over 30 jurisdictions, into rules within our engine. Any changes are incorporated as soon as they are mandated by relevant authorities. This ensures you’re made aware of any changes at a moment’s notice, so that you can monitor and maintain your compliance in a timely manner.

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Integrated Workflow

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Delivering complete autonomy over short selling disclosures to clients through the GSS service, FundApps prioritises the most time-sensitive disclosures in daily workflows, providing functionality to avoid filings and flagging irregularities in source file data. Our software allows client’s lifetime access to a full history of data uploads, including the disclosures generated.

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Regulatory Connectivity

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Our short selling disclosure software allows clients to become audit ready as and when required, having the capacity to store a full history of data uploads and documents generated. But don’t just take our word for it, 100% of live clients report that our software has been useful in demonstrating the appropriate due diligence and meeting short selling regulatory obligations.

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Why FundApps?

Our globally accessible short selling service provides compliance professionals with all the necessary tools needed to give them total peace of mind.

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Avoid fines and reputational damage

One in every two users of our short selling service report that FundApps has halved, if not fully alleviated their daily concerns regarding the management of short selling monitoring and reporting. Our disclosure software allows clients to stay clear of unnecessary disclaimers to investors, as well as avoid the high costs of missed, late or incorrect filings. 

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Reduce the time and cost of short position reporting

Relieve your workload of repetitive monitoring tasks such as trivial thresholds and T0 deadlines. Our convenient disclosure software is guaranteed to reduce the time spent managing global short selling, with one in two of our clients estimating that FundApps has saved time spent on regulation monitoring by an average of around 50% on a daily basis.

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Retire unsuitable software and processes

Offering clients the opportunity to move away from traditional, error-prone manual systems and processes, our short selling service provides the ideal solution. 100% of our clients associate high operational risk with internal systems, and two out of three of our users have retired their existing, outdated systems after switching to our short selling disclosure software.

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Prove adherence to regulation

Maintaining a repository consisting of a full history of data uploads and documents generated, our short selling service allows clients to be fully prepared for audits, helping to accurately monitor short selling. 100% of live clients report that our software has been useful in meeting regulatory obligations and demonstrating due diligence.

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