Supplied Data

The services FundApps delivers wouldn’t be possible without the data supplied by clients on a daily basis. This data, including portfolio structure, positions and holdings, and user privileges, comes in the form of an API delivered XML file that the client services team helps teams to build.

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Positions file

A daily end-of-day, API-delivered positions file containing all relevant holdings and positions, mapped in accordance with your company structure.

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The enrichment of client positions files utilising Thomson Reuters’ Refinitiv data.

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Data overrides

Users are given the ability to override data points from the initial positions file that may be incorrect, without re-submitting positions.

Market Data

Through integrations with regulators themselves, the scraping of publicly available information, and features dedicated to making data accessible and usable, FundApps all but eliminates the mishaps and uncertainty associated with market data.

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Exchange rates

Automated sourcing of exchange rates and the necessary currency conversions as required per regulations.

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Shares outstanding

Nominal share capital data scraped and provided for, allowing faster and accurate exposure calculation.

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Short selling exemptions

Rules that reflect public exempt shares lists, built into calculations to prevent triggering unnecessary disclosures and false positives.

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Global Company Database

A crowdsourced database that contains issuer-specific information as well as the most recent public short disclosures and most shorted companies in 15 jurisdictions and counting. 

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