Position Limits

Our service simplifies the process of monitoring derivative limits across different exchanges around the world.

Position data is uploaded daily and we alert our users for positions that are approaching or in breach of their limits.

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Global Rule Coverage: We cover rules set out by exchanges and regulators (MiFID II, CFTC) across all asset classes. This includes position limits, accountability levels and reporting levels across spot, single, other and all month timeframes

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Front Office Reporting: automate the feed of information between Compliance Managers and Portfolio Manager by showing how much can be traded in a contract before reaching the position limit imposed by the exchange. This functionality can be integrated with trading systems

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80+ Global Exchanges: FIA Tech integration covering futures, options and swap contracts

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Automated Aggregation: automatically convert, net and aggregate contracts when required

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Continually Sourced Data: data relevant for position limit monitoring, such as trading calendar data, sourced directly from exchanges every single day

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Custom Warnings: set bespoke warnings for thresholds and align system reporting with your risk appetite and need for notification

Manage regulation and inform front office decisions

Global penalties

Avoid fines & reputational damage

We gather position limit data from a number of sources, including the exchanges themselves, every single day. We have integrated with FIA Tech allowing us to support 80+ exchanges, covering futures, swaps and options.

By automatically checking your current positions against exchange and regulator-imposed limits (including MiFID II and CFTC) we help you avoid breaching thresholds.

Trading calendar

Automate the sourcing of accurate trading calendars

We automatically source calendar data, which poses a significant challenge for compliance teams as exchanges don't readily publish this information.

By sourcing the spot calendar dates of contracts we can calculate when spot month limits come into effect and alert you accordingly. This eliminates the need to gather this information directly from the exchange, and manually determine the correct dates and associated spot limits.

Upwards movement

Net and aggregate between contracts correctly

In order to accurately reflect current positions, we automatically convert and aggregate any contracts that are rolled up into a parent contract and have a relevant ratio. We represent corporate structures by distinguishing between corporate entity and ownership relationships.

We correctly aggregate positions at the right contract level and corporate level (from entity to portfolio) whilst adhering to ownership type.

Retire systems

Retire unsuitable software and processes

Clients use our service to move away from error-prone and unreliable systems and processes. 100% of clients associate high operational risk with their internal systems or manual processes and two-out-of-three clients have legacy systems they go on to retire after making the switch to FundApps.

The industry’s most reliable and innovative service for position limit monitoring

Reporting dashboard

Automated Monitoring

Monitor contracts across multiple exchanges from a single dashboard in an easy-to-use User Interface (UI). Users are alerted in 3 ways: 1) via email with a daily snapshot of their results,  2) within the UI and 3) directly in their trading systems via the RIAN API. Our UI has embedded workflow functionality, audit trails, and more!

Position Limits Dashboard

trading calendar

Trading Calendars

We automatically scrape trading calendar information directly from the relevant exchanges so our clients don’t have to. We use trading calendar data to determine the correct spot limit windows for derivatives contracts to allow our clients to trade with intelligence and remain compliant.

Position Limits Trading Calendars Dashboard

Upwards movement

Netting & Aggregation

We provide the relevant netting methods and automatically calculate our clients’ total exposures correctly. We delta adjust derivatives positions and apply the correct ratios between child and parent contracts.

Position Limits exchange data dashboard

Front office

Pre-Trade Monitoring

We connect compliance teams with portfolio managers and traders through reports and a feed of data that can be loaded directly into trading systems. Our report will not only speed up daily processes for clients but provide your front office with the right information to plan daily trading.

Position Limits Pre-Trade Monitoring Dashboard

“Position Limits is a powerful tool, it allows us to aggregate futures positions across different portfolios, showing what we hold compared to the exchange-set limits.”

- Swiss Asset Manager (US $132 Billion AuM)

How FundApps automates derivatives limit monitoring

We gather position limit data from a number of sources, including exchanges themselves. We have also integrated with FIA Tech, allowing us to support over 80 global exchanges covering futures, options and swap contracts. Our in-house team of regulatory experts (“Regsperts”) code this data into rules.

Your positions file is run against the Position Limits rules and the system automatically alerts you when your positions are approaching or have breached a limit.

File crops

Easily and securely upload your positions data to our cloud-based platform.

workflow process

Have your data analysed in a matter of minutes and automatically monitor your positions against exchange limits.

Screen with two people

Receive warnings on your positions as they approach exchange-imposed limits.

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Automate your derivative limit monitoring with Position Limits

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