Position Limits


FundApps' Position Limits monitoring service enables investors to navigate the opaque world of exchange regulations with ease.

Our Position Limits service allows users to continuously monitor their positions against exchange limits with a powerful, intuitive platform. We support multiple limit levels for thousands of diverse commodities, across many exchanges. With MiFID II now in force and the CFTC undergoing discussion around changes in this space, effective commodities trading and position limit monitoring will be even more crucial to maintaining compliance. FundApps’ Position Limits provides a way for compliance teams to track positions against exchange-based limits more quickly and accurately than ever before.

We automatically source complex position limits data on a daily basis, taking the burden of manually calculating and tracking these positions against exchange-imposed limits off the shoulders of compliance professionals.

Features and Benefits


Data Sourcing

we gather position limit data from a number of sources, including the exchanges themselves, every single day. Rest assured knowing that your limits data is accurate and up to date.


Automated Monitoring

There’s no longer a need to calculate positions using Excel or to track limit changes manually. Our Position Limits service was designed to automate the process of monitoring Spot, Single and All-Month limits, saving compliance teams hours of time and manual effort.


Spot Calendars

Sourcing and calculating spot calendar dates poses a significant challenge as exchanges don’t readily publish this information. We have automated this for you, eliminating the need to source and calculate these dates manually.


Netting & Aggregation

Limit aggregation and netting procedures are often poorly documented and extremely complex. Our Position Limits service automatically calculates across hundreds of thousands of specifics per contract, to provide comprehensive oversight.


Single Subscription

Everything is included with a FundApps subscription. We don't charge extra for help with implementation or support from our dedicated team of compliance experts, and there are zero hidden fees or maintenance costs.


Compliance Dashboard

Our Position Limits service has been designed to allow users to get to the most important information as fast as possible. Our easy-to-use dashboard and built-in workflow make it simple to communicate position limits information to other teams quickly and efficiently.

the fundapps service

Integrating with our Position Limits service is straightforward: all we require is a daily positions file.

At no extra cost, we provide you with support from our compliance experts every step of the way; from implementation through to smooth day-to-day disclosing.




Connect to the FundApps cloud-based service via our secure API and upload your positions data.


We can help you to schedule this process automatically.




Once we have received your data, we immediately assess your compliance.


We then check your data against dozens of exchange-based limits to determine compliance in a matter of minutes.




Receive warnings on your positions as they approach exchange-imposed limits.


Log in to view full details on your position history and contract specifications.

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