Our Clients

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Since 2010, we’ve been automating regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting for clients on both the buy and sell side. Our buy side clients are investment managers, pension funds and hedge funds, including 5 out of 10 of the world’s largest hedge funds and 3 out of 10 of North America’s largest pension funds. Our sell side clients include investment banks, including one of the largest banks in France and 3 out of the top 5 largest Canadian banks.

We have over 1000 users in 20 countries, with the Assets under Management (AuM) ranging from US$50 million to well over US$1 trillion. Our main metric for success is client happiness, read what our clients are saying.

How we make compliance simple for our clients

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Get a “good night's sleep” whilst preparing for future growth of funds

A Chief Compliance Officer can rely on us to mitigate operational and regulatory risk and demonstrate to investors that controls are in place to support growth, whilst mitigating the potential for regulatory fines and reputational damage.

Trade globally

Trade globally without concern or constraints

Take advantage of opportunities wherever they arise. Our services allow our clients to trade globally without the concern or constraints associated with unknown foreign regulation.

Retiring an old system

Decommission an expensive and outdated proprietary system

Using our cloud-based services removes the pain and expense associated with maintaining internal regulatory systems and expertise.

Case Studies


A multi-boutique investment manager headquartered in London, BennBridge planned ahead for their growth with our Shareholding Disclosure service.
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Canadian Asset Manager

Canada’s largest privately-owned Asset Manager, established in 1982, uses FundApps’ Shareholding Disclosure service.
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Swiss Asset Manager

Now in their third year of being a FundApps client, they use both our Shareholding Disclosure and Position Limits Services.
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Canadian Pension Fund

A FundApps client since 2015, they were established 30 years ago and are the biggest single-occupation pension fund in Canada.
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What our clients say


Deka, Germany (US$300 billion AuM)

"We are aware that shareholding disclosure is getting more complex as a regulatory requirement, and we wanted to invest in a service driven by expert compliance knowledge. With the help of FundApps, we can commit to delivering high-quality investment outcomes to our clients. We're excited about joining FundApps’ compliance community and we look forward to working together.”

Vontobel, Switzerland (US$121 billion AuM)

“FundApps’ Shareholding Disclosure service provides an intuitive and transparent solution to the ever-changing regulatory requirements we face. It will enhance our confidence in the filings we make, the integrity of the data used and the auditability of our shareholding disclosure reporting.”

BennBridge (US$1.7 billion AuM)

“The combination of the Rule Commentary functionality, the explanation from FundApps and the detail provided about the rules from aosphere provides our business with a reliable solution that we can continue to use as our business grows.”

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Canada (US$147 billion AuM)

"FundApps has allowed our organization to stay on top of time sensitive disclosure requirements, alert us to approaching threshold breaches, accommodate rule changes in jurisdictions across the globe and provide audit trails on historical disclosures. Along with the friendly and knowledgeable staff, I can troubleshoot any issues and count on the staff for guidance. Using FundApps as our primary source of Shareholder Disclosure instills confidence that our organization will make timely disclosures and avoid late filings.”

Canadian Pension Fund, US$100+ billion AuM 

"The FundApps Shareholding Disclosure service is a sophisticated platform, easy-to-use, partnered with industry-leading legal counsel. The team have a deep expertise and provide excellent customer service." 

Dutch Insurance Group (US$200+ billion AuM) 

"When dealing with time-sensitive matters such as shareholding disclosure, it is important to get swift and robust responses when there are questions. The client services team at FundApps is very knowledgeable, efficient and diligent. I can highly recommend their people and solution to any firm, large or small, which deals with shareholding disclosures. At FundApps the team is always ready to go the extra mile to fit your need. More importantly, they will think with you. My experience with them has been nothing but EXCELLENT!"

Swiss Asset Manager (US$1.2 billion AuM)

“The FundApps’ client services team are an ever helpful resource. The quality of support is fantastic and refreshingly reactive, having a one-to-one relationship with members of the team helps us get the most out of the Service. It has been a very good experience throughout.”

aosphere LLP, an affiliate of Allen & Overy

"FundApps was the first software vendor to license our Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure content. We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship ever since.

US-Based Asset Manager (US$150+ billion AuM)

“FundApps is an integral component of our Compliance program and allowed us to file over 13,000 shareholder disclosures in the last year.”

Swiss Asset Manager (EUR 2.1 billion AuM)

“We were very impressed with how smooth the implementation process was with FundApps. Their compliance expertise and documentation made the process as seamless as we have had experienced with any service provider. Any issues were resolved quickly and the team were knowledgeable in how to deal with challenges that were unique to our setup.”