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From the Content Team: The Impact of Multi-level Derivatives on Shareholding Disclosure

Multi-level derivatives can quickly become the undoing of even the most capable compliance team, due to their extremely complex and intricate nature. Read More

Topics: Disclosure, td2, derivatives

Issuer Requests: Now Automated

Do you spend hours fulfilling Section 793 requests or similar? Automatically calculate your holdings for an issuer with the click of a button with FundApps. Read More

Topics: issuer requests, shareholding disclosure

FundApps Moves House

FundApps has moved to a new office in Shoreditch. We're now based at 48-50 Scrutton Street, in a cool new office with plenty of room for our fast-growing team. Read More

Whitepaper: Shareholding Disclosure in Sweden

FundApps have written a whitepaper covering major shareholding and short selling contravention in Sweden, including statistical analysis of over 7,450 filings. Read More

Topics: Short Selling, Major Shareholding, Sweden, whitepaper

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