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Our Global Company Database (GCD) gives compliance professionals free access to company-specific information required for regulatory disclosures.

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Articles of Association Data: for 500+ companies, covering 7 jurisdictions including France and Belgium, with company-specific disclosure thresholds

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1.9 Million Companies: with addresses, Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), EI/ISINs and corporate hierarchies

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Takeover Panel Data: for 17 jurisdictions including UK and France. Used by 1000+ compliance professionals across 100+ different firms

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Sanctions Data: Users can search for a sanctioned issuer reducing the time it takes to check investments

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Investor Relations Data: sourced by users, verified by FundApps, including contact details

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Public Filings Data: the latest information on who is filing disclosures to predict trends and fine tune your investment strategy

Avoid fines and reputational damage

Company-specific disclosure thresholds set out in articles of association or company bylaws are far lower than beneficial ownership thresholds set out by the competent authority, and can be as little as 0.5%. Failure to comply leads to penalties such as being stripped of voting rights or financial sanctions. 

Compliance professionals are required to source vast amounts of data/information in order to make the proper filings and disclosures to regulators and issuers.

As a result, they spend an inordinate amount of time searching for and qualifying this data. 

How can they do this in a manner that is both cost effective and fast?


FundApps' Global Company Database is a free service that serves as a repository of data and information that has already been vetted and aggregated on behalf of users. We provide access to articles of association data for companies listed in:

  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • France
  • The UK
  • Portugal


Takeover Panel Data

The manual culling and reviewing of takeover panels one by one for relevant holdings is a tedious and time-consuming process. Issuers subject to lower reportable thresholds during the lifetime of a takeover present compliance professionals with an error-prone task each day, and across investment management companies everywhere, everyone repeats the same work.

GCD looks to incorporate this takeover panel data that FundApps has already compiled on behalf of clients. 17 different takeover panels are included through an automated scraping process from the regulators themselves, thus eliminating risk and the need for duplicated work.