Client Data

The services FundApps delivers wouldn't be possible without the data supplied by clients on a daily basis. This data includes a firm’s portfolio structure, positions, and user privileges. It comes in the form of an API-delivered XML file that the client services team helps clients to build.

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Positions file
API-delivered positions file containing all relevant holdings and positions, mapped to specific parts of your corporate structure.


Overlapping files
Portfolio file

We require our clients to send us a portfolio file in CSV format setting out their corporate structure. This allows us to aggregate positions correctly across a firm as well as allowing us to provide granularity in results data.

Exchange & Regulatory Data

Through integrations with exchanges themselves, the scraping of publicly available information, and features dedicated to making data accessible and usable, FundApps all but eliminates the mishaps and uncertainty associated with market data.

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FIA Tech integration

We use the most trusted source of position limits data available in the industry by partnering with FIA Tech.

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Continually sourced data

Data relevant for position limit monitoring, such as trading calendar data, sourced directly from exchanges every single day.

Data Manipulation

Data stack
Data overrides

Users are given the ability to override data points from the initial positions file that may be incorrect or even where data inputs have been missed. This allows our clients to make changes easily via our user interface rather than having to remedy at source.

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Interactive results data

The results data we present in our user interface is sortable which allows for actionable insights and saves time. Results are sortable in a variety of ways, including by result type, how close they are to limits, or even by exchange.

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