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We form alliances with best-in-class market data and technology partners to provide innovative solutions to complex problems. This enables our clients to get the most out of FundApps’ services.

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Regulatory Data Providers

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aosphere is a wholly owned affiliate of international legal practice Allen & Overy LLP.  They specialise in providing user-friendly access to complex legal information for all sizes of financial institution. aosphere's client base includes an impressive list of more than 500 of the world’s foremost financial institutions and corporations.

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FIA Tech

FIA Tech, a wholly owned subsidiary of FIA, provides financial technology solutions for the futures industry. FundApps uses FIA Tech’s Position Limits Databank (PLD) to help compliance and operation teams monitor client positions. The PLD provides time-sensitive data exchange accountability levels, position limits, reporting levels, and other aggregated contracts data. 

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 Investment Management Solutions



Broadridge's buy-side tool Portfolio Master combines order management, portfolio management and risk management in a single application.  

Users of Portfolio Master can now benefit from the direct integration of FundApps technology to automate many facets of our substantial shareholding disclosure process.  

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SimCorp provides integrated, best-in-class, multi-asset investment management solutions to the world’s leading asset managers, fund managers, asset servicers, pension and insurance funds, wealth managers, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and treasury.


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FlexTrade Systems

FlexTrade Systems is a global leader in high-performance multi-asset execution management and order management systems for equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, futures, and options.

A pioneer in the field, FlexTrade is internationally recognised for introducing FlexTRADER®, the world's first broker-neutral, execution management trading system.

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Compliance & Implementation Partners

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Fund Recs

Fund Recs provides cloud-based reconciliation and data transformation software for the global Funds Industry, replacing outdated enterprise software with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Users of Fund Recs can benefit from a simple integration with FundApps’ automated services.

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Optima Partners

Optima Partners is a global regulatory compliance advisory firm providing services for hedge fund and private equity fund managers, broker/dealers and investment banks. 

Optima Partners provide a managed filing service for several FundApps Shareholding Disclosure clients, monitoring and submitting disclosures on the clients’ behalf. 

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Financial Data Providers

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Exchange Data International (EDI)

EDI supports the global financial and investment community to better manage risk through the provision of fast, accurate, timely and affordable data reference services. 

EDI’s extensive reference data includes Global Equity and Fixed Income Corporate Actions, Dividends, Static Reference Data, Closing Prices, Shares Outstanding, Economic Indicators and Global Economic Data.

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Refinitiv’s Shareholding Disclosures data is a primary source of security reference data used by many of the world’s largest asset managers to support their disclosures processes. 

Many of FundApps clients choose Refinitiv because of the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of our data and the breadth of fields the feed covers. The solution has been developed in partnership to specifically respond to the complex data challenges.

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ACN is a Registered Filing Agent on the EDGAR system and has been submitting reports for clients for over 10 years.

Having filed over 3,500 submissions for investment managers in the past year, ACN’s solutions meet the rigid EDGAR layout requirements for the Cover Page and Information Table. 

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Technology Partners

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Amazon Web Services

FundApps is Select Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network. This is the global partner program for technology businesses who leverage Amazon Web Services to build solutions and services.

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