Webinar: Monitoring Position Limits

Trading stocks

What firms trading derivatives should be doing to ensure effective monitoring and management.


With the ever-increasing severity of enforcement and complexity of the rules, position limit management is back on the agenda for risk managers, compliance officers and traders.

To help, we hosted this webinar with guest speakers from FIA Tech. In it we provide:

  • An overview of position limits and the importance of compliance
  • A market update and a look at recent trends
  • A discussion on position limit reference data 
  • Advice on effective position limit monitoring and management 

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Chuck Wong
Compliance Analyst at FundApps 

Having first studied Material Sciences in the UK and then Law in Hong Kong, Chuck brings hands-on experience gained as a Compliance Officer for Credit Suisse in Hong Kong to our Content team.

Nick Krzywkowkski
Sales Associate at FundApps

Nick began his career with Citigroup. Having spent 3 years there in Equity Sales, he witnessed the rising tide of regulatory compliance first hand in the banking and asset management industries before deciding to make the switch to FundApps.

Carol Cardoso
Product Owner at FundApps

Originally an Economist, Carol spent 8 years working for various investment banks prior to moving to London. After grasping the opportunity to become a Product Owner for an FMCG company a few years ago, she fell in love with the role and the rest is history!

Justin Hasnat
Senior Manager of Databank Operations at FIA Tech

Justin is the Senior Manager of Databank Operations at FIA Tech. He oversees the Position Limits Databank, Exchange Trading Fees Databank, and numerous other initiatives surrounding reference data.