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Monitoring Position Limits with a Difference - The FundApps Way

Posted on Feb 24 2022 by Ben Richards

An overview of FundApps vs. Competitors in the Position Limits monitoring space

At FundApps, we’ve been on a mission to make compliance simple for financial institutions since 2010. Through this, our automated Position Limits service was born, with the aim of simplifying the process of monitoring derivative limits across global exchanges. Here’s how we achieve that, the FundApps way: 

Fully-managed service: Our Client Services team is one of areas where we do things a little differently. From implementation to on-going support, our global and agile team provides you with consistent, round-the-clock support. Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Client Support Manager (CSM), who is on hand to assist during implementation and beyond with training, technical support, and any queries our clients may have. Find out more about what this involves from one of our account managers, or hear from our Head of Client Services on how we support some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Investment: As a business we have made a commitment to invest in our Position Limits service so that it can be market-leading for years to come. A few of our latest feature enhancements include tools to manage data issues, limit exemptions, and a comments function for better communication amongst our clients. We have also enabled our clients to customise warning levels on their positions to suit their individual risk appetites, and we built our outbound API which allows our clients to integrate our data with their trading systems to monitor limits on a pre-trade basis. To see what’s next, view our roadmap

Interactive data: One big advantage of our service versus other vendors is the way we communicate results to our clients. We wanted to get away from monitoring being done in excel or results being viewed in unsortable PDFs. To do that, we developed a best-in-class user interface which allows our clients to log in to view their results data. The data is easily  sortable and searchable and allows our clients to drill down into specifics. Users can quickly bring up all results for a particular contract, they can sort by rule types, can view all results on a given exchange and also sort positions that are closest to applicable limits. We also communicate results outside of the service via API - this data can be used by our clients in a variety of ways to suit their monitoring preference. Taken together, our user interface and exportable data allow for actionable insights and save our clients time.

Ease of implementation: Our company motto is “compliance made simple.” We try to echo this simplicity not just in our core service offering but also from an implementation standpoint. When bringing clients onboard from other vendors we are able to work with their data with minimal retrofitting requirements. 

We are a transparent & interactive partner: We take considered efforts to ensure that we are a transparent and interactive partner with our clients. We maintain that our community of 1000+ compliance experts is one of our most valuable assets and we like to stay as connected with our clients as we can. In addition to ongoing support, we host multiple webinars throughout the course of a year to share our vision behind where we are going next as a company and to understand from our clients’ how we can make valuable improvements to our offering. 

Consolidation: FundApps’ clients are able to use our services to consolidate a variety of compliance requirements in one place. All of our services are accessible from a single browser window. This saves time and lessens operational burden for our clients. Finance teams and legal teams can cut down their vendor list. Workflows are also made more simple for our clients in compliance, risk, operations and even in the front office. In short, more services in one place with automation makes our clients’ lives easier. 

Data quality and validation: We are careful with how we process our clients data. Dumb data in means dumb data out and we want to ensure we are reflecting accurate results to our clients. In order to monitor data quality, we pick up and flag items of missing data in a client’s position file - e.g. missing delta values. FundApps won’t just run a file and show incomplete results if there are data issues - we want to make sure our clients are not missing anything when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Cloud-based: As a cloud-based service with an in-house team of regulatory experts, we are able to quickly release updates to our service as and when changes in the regulatory landscape occur. This means that our clients can rest assured that their positions are being checked against up-to-date versions of regulations. By opting for the cloud, we also eradicate the expense of hosting costs that firms burden themselves from on-premise solutions. 

It is the unique combination of these features, comprehensive support and regulatory expertise that really sets FundApps’ Position Limits service apart and enables our clients to rest assured that they are mitigating their risk of fines and reputational damage. If you’d like to join our growing community and automate the process of monitoring derivative limits across global exchanges, then get in touch