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International Women’s Day 2022

Posted on Mar 8 2022 by Amber Adam

Learn how FundApps is making progress towards gender diversity and inclusion on International Women's Day 2022.

To quote our COO Pat Caldwell: “We don’t see gender diversity & inclusion as an outcome, but rather a way of running a company. It’s the reason why we don’t have a Diversity Plan or pigeonhole diversity initiatives within our People Ops team. Progress in diversity and inclusion doesn’t stem from good intent. It comes from action.” Pat wrote this in last year’s International Women’s Day blog post, and although our principles haven’t changed, here's how we've continued to make progress and actions behind our values in 2021.


1. Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap represents the pure difference between the average earnings of men and women. It is expressed as a percentage of difference in hourly earnings (e.g. 10% gender pay means that on average, women are paid 10% less than men). This can be a symptom of lots of different stuff in a company from how reward decisions are made, ramp ups of hiring, and equal representation in roles that are lower and upper quartile earnings etc. Our goal with how we structure our approach to pay and reward is to build a fair and equitable framework that keeps us competitive, rewards high performance in a consistent manner, and is financially sustainable. Our gender pay gap is now 2.9%. This is the lowest it's ever been, but still not the lowest it can be. A goal at the forefront of our people operation and leadership teams is to bring this percentage down to zero.

2. 45% of people leaders at FundApps are women!

While equal pay is one component, equal representation is another. As a company we are currently made up of 32% women and 68% men, but have been able to increase our representation at the leadership level up to 45% women

3. Partnerships

In 2021, we've added two new partners to our list of job boards and communities we work with, whose values deeply align with our own on inclusivity and workplace equality. We've partnered with GirlCode, a women in tech community and job board, and mygwork, a Global Networking Hub and Job board For LGBT+ Professionals & Graduates & allies. FundApps also continues to be an endorsed employer of Work 180. The WORK180 endorsement is the globally recognized sign of a great workplace for women. It's a job platform that pre-screens employers to see how well they support women against initiatives Including Paid Parental Leave, Pay Equity, Flexible Work & More.