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    Diminishing Limit Contracts

    We recently saw the price of “WTI” futures for the May delivery month traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange crash below zero for the first time in history. This unprecedented event highlights the physical-settlement aspect of these instruments and lays bare the perils of trading them close to the delivery month during a supply glut.

    by Chuck Wong Apr 24, 2020 Read More

    HK Large Open Position Reporting

    Any HKFE Participant or Options Exchange Participant must monitor their holdings against the HKEX Large Open Position Reporting Levels. Read on to learn about the requirements and how the FundApps Position Limits service can help you monitor against them and stay compliant.

    by Ben Richards Jul 3, 2018 Read More

    MIFiD II Position Limits Timeline

    The EU Financial Regulator has set July 3, 2017, as the deadline for National Competent Authorities (NCAs) to transpose MiFID II into the national legislation of individual EU Member States. Some of the regulators did comply with the deadline, some are way behind with the implementation.

    by Magda Puźniak Nov 15, 2017 Read More

    Part 2: MiFID II

    Before making the final decision on the details of the forms used for commodity derivatives position reporting, ESMA conducted public consultations. The outcome can be found in the ITS 4: Draft implementing technical standards on position reporting (Article 58(5) of MiFID II) document.

    by Magda Puźniak Oct 24, 2017 Read More