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Free Takeover Panel Lists

Stay on top of constantLY changing data



Global coverage

We have 17 takeover lists* in total, covering global takeover panels. These include but are not limited to official sources. We source the data sets where there is no official source or the data is available only in the local language.



Save time and reduce manual work

Stay on top of continuously changing takeover panel data sets. FundApps checks websites and refreshes the data up to every 3 hours. In the past year, our takeover panel data set captured close to 14,000 updates.


Data enrichment to reduce risk

To aid automation we enrich the takeover panel data with ISINs when these are not directly available from the source (e.g. HK). This helps compliance teams match their holdings to our data sets and reduces the risk of missing a takeover panel disclosure.

How It Works

FundApps Takeover Data

For 7 years FundApps has been sourcing takeover panel data and we are now offering it for free! With reporting deadlines as short as 1 day, having an effective method of obtaining takeover panel data is a key requirement for any compliance team filling takeover panel disclosures.


*Our Coverage:

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Asia-Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore
Americas: Brazil, Canada
Africa: Tunisia

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