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    Issuer Limits 2.0

    The FundApps Shareholding Disclosure Service sources issuer specific thresholds and monitors customer positions against such thresholds, alerting when a disclosure is required. With over 50 customers using the platform each day, the power of the FundApps community informing us of new and changed limits has allowed us to grow our data set, which is then audited every 6 months.

    by Ben Richards May 15, 2019 Read More

    Never Get Caught Short in Hong Kong

    When calculating short selling exposure to determine reportable positions in Hong Kong, rates change daily, so keeping on top of the official values each time exposure is calculated is a challenge for any manual process.

    by Ben Richards Nov 16, 2018 Read More

    Target the source of denominator-checking pain

    The Automated Community Denominator Check (AC/DC) utilises our Community to highlight differences between the Denominator values (e.g total shares outstanding, total voting rights). Allowing clients to quickly identify, investigate, and rectify errors - promoting confidence in the data behind their disclosure results.

    by Ben Richards Aug 1, 2018 Read More