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    Demonstrating Compliance

    FundApps brings peace-of-mind for a compliance officer, the board of directors and the company as a whole which means knowing that compliance monitoring is evidenced and accessible after only a few clicks.

    by Karl Schindler May 13, 2019 Read More

    Brexit - Part 2

    There's been no shortage of uncertainty surrounding how the UK deals with Brexit and we've been keeping a sharp eye on any developments to the timeline or regulatory changes which would affect our shareholding disclosure rule set.

    by Karl Schindler Mar 28, 2019 Read More

    Brexit - Part 1

    Across the industry concerns have been raised on how entities connected to the United Kingdom can continue after BREXIT to comply and remain up to date with the necessary data feeds and ensure timely regulatory disclosures in the EU.

    by Karl Schindler Feb 25, 2019 Read More